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Template response email for SEISS and CJRS nudge letters

If you have received a nudge letter from HMRC, reviewed your claim, and you are satisfied it is correct, you should contact HMRC to confirm that you believe your claim to be correct. If you are an IPSE member, we have created an email template which you can use to do this.

Lockdowns and support gaps: Counting the cost of the pandemic on self-employment

This report examines the impact of the pandemic, over a year on from its onset, on freelancers’ businesses and income whilst also reviewing the approaches taken by freelancers to mitigate against the pandemic and their plans for the future. The report also focuses on how the pandemic and gaps in economic support have influenced freelancers' attitudes towards government.

The hidden cost: exploring the impact of the pandemic on freelancer mental health

This report examines the impact the pandemic continues to have on freelancers' mental health, how poor mental health is affecting them and how they tackle this.

Opening of the UK economy

This report investigates what concerns freelancers have as the economy begins to re-open following lockdown restrictions and how long they predict it may take for their businesses to return to pre-pandemic operation levels.

IPSE 2021 March Budget Submission.pdf

IPSE's submission to the Chancellor ahead of the 2021 Budget.

The Cost of COVID: How the pandemic is affecting the self-employed

To further understand the gaps in support and freelancers’ deteriorating financial circumstances, IPSE and Starling Bank have collaborated on a dedicated piece of research examining their finances throughout the coronavirus pandemic. The following report focuses on some of the key factors impacting freelancers’ work-related and personal finances.

Limited Company Director Template Furlough Letter for the CJRS

A template letter, developed by IPSE, for limited company directors who wish to access the extended Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS).

Covid-19 Report 2020

This new report by the University of Edinburgh Business School in association with IPSE examines the impact of coronavirus on some of the UK’s highly skilled freelancers. It shines a light on the groups that have been left out of government support measures and highlights the devastating effects that this lack of support is having on their businesses, personal finances and home-life.