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Supporting the self-employed: Assessing the concerns and support needs of the sector

The report examines the current concerns of the self-employed sector and what further support and benefits freelancers need in order to make a success of their businesses. It also examines the extent to which freelancers feel supported by the UK government and concludes with a series of recommendations on how government and industry can better support the sector.

Template Ltd Contractor Agreement - Outside IR35

Experienced contractors will understand the value of an ‘IR35 friendly’ contract. The contracts have been drawn up by leading experts at Markel Tax and IPSE is delighted to recommend them to members.

Freelancer Confidence Index Q2 2021

The survey measures overall trends in the market for freelancers in order to identify inflationary pressures, business confidence, and an overview of freelancers’ perception of general economic conditions for Q2 2021.

Template response email for SEISS and CJRS nudge letters

If you have received a nudge letter from HMRC, reviewed your claim, and you are satisfied it is correct, you should contact HMRC to confirm that you believe your claim to be correct. If you are an IPSE member, we have created an email template which you can use to do this.

Statement of Work template

A Statement of Work defines what project-specific activities, deliverables and timelines you are agreeing on with your client.

Lockdowns and support gaps: Counting the cost of the pandemic on self-employment

This report examines the impact of the pandemic, over a year on from its onset, on freelancers’ businesses and income whilst also reviewing the approaches taken by freelancers to mitigate against the pandemic and their plans for the future. The report also focuses on how the pandemic and gaps in economic support have influenced freelancers' attitudes towards government.

IPSE Impact Report 2020/21

At IPSE our members are at the centre of everything we do and we are continually reviewing our benefits, services and focuses to meet our members' needs. Read our latest impact report and find out about the improvements we’ve made, the impact we’ve had for our members, and what else they can expect in the coming year.

A question of time: how often should freelancers pay their taxes?

This report examines the views of the self-employed in relation to the current payment timings, the proposal of more frequent payment of tax and the proposal of moving from retrospective to in-year tax. It will also assess the benefits and challenges of the current system and how freelancers envisage the proposed reforms will affect their self-employed businesses.