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#5millionvotes IPSE's manifesto for the self-employed

A manifesto of what the self-employed need from the next government.

Artwork Pricing and Costing

Freelancing Artwork Pricing and Costing

Creative Employability - Freelancing and side hustles

A Guide to Freelancing, Creative Employability

Introduction To Freelancing for Students

Our Introduction to Freelancing for those starting out.

Self-employment in Dentistry

Freelancing for students, Self-Employment in Dentistry

Introduction to Freelancing

Our freelancing for students workshop featuring the self-employment landscape. 

Managing a side-hustle

Our research shows that 320,000 people in the UK have a so-called ‘side hustle’ – a second self-employed job. Ishita Ranjan is one of them. But how does she manage this busy lifestyle?