Our recent policy work has been some of the most significant in IPSE’s history, with regular talks with the Chancellor and across government and national campaigns to support the self-employed through the coronavirus crisis. We're currently campaigning to review and reform the tax system and ensure the government is ready to support more of the self-employed if it comes to a second lockdown. 

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Financial wellbeing hub

CMME and IPSE are working to address the financial wellbeing challenges facing the Self-employed.

Financial Wellbeing Manifesto
Stop IR35

IR35 is unfair and harmful for freelancers, their clients and the economy. We're pushing against it and also for a full review to make the tax system fair for freelancers and employees alike.

Stop IR35


End late payment

Late payments are hugely damaging for freelancers at the best of times, but during the pandemic, they have been disastrous for many. We are working with the Small Business Commissioner to crack down on late and non-payment once and for all.

End late payments

When the Covid-19 pandemic struck, we campaigned for support for freelancers. We didn't get all we wanted in SEISS, but we're pushing to fill the gaps in the system. 

COVID-19 hub

Our key policy areas


A fair deal on tax and finance 
We're working to get a fair financial deal for freelancers. Whether it's taxes, mortgages or saving for later life, we're striving to make the UK a better place to be self-employed. 

Here you’ll find:
Coronavirus support 
Taxation and IR35
Late payment
Pensions and later life saving 



Wellbeing and security 
As more and more people turn to freelancing, we need to make sure they have the security and protection they need: from a safety net in difficult times, to decent parental leave to enjoy the happiest times. 

Here you’ll find:
Employment status
Universal Credit
Parental rights
Training and skills


Supporting the future of work
We're working with Government and industry to build the infrastructure and tools to to help freelancers grow their businesses and encourage even more people to join the flexible workforce. 

Here you’ll find:
Intellectual property
Flexible working


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Take a look at our Research Hub and new studies into a range of topics that affect the freelance community, from Women in Self-Employment and IR35 in the Private Sector to the Covid-19 Report and the latest freelancer Confidence Index results. 

Research hub  
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