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IPSE hosts an extensive range of webinars throughout the year. IPSE members can register for upcoming webinars or access previous webinars that have been recorded to enhance your learning, even if you were unable to make the webinar at the time. 

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Most recent webinar

Reporting and paying tax more frequently – what exactly does the government have in mind and how do we feel about it?

Recorded on 15/07/2021

This webinar will look closely at the following issues:

  • MTD roll-out: what is the timetable?
  • What exactly is meant by ‘third-party data’ and should government use it for calculating tax liabilities?
  • How do IPSE members feel about paying tax more frequently – we’ll share the results of our survey
  • Could the increased use of digital technology take the hassle out of tax administration, or will it add to the burden?
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On-demand webinars: Coronavirus 

Coronavirus – what support is available to freelancers now?

Recorded on 06/05/2021

The pandemic has devasted many freelance businesses and for the first time in years we have seen a significant drop in the number of self-employed people in the UK. There is still support available for many of those affected through the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS) yet well over a million continue to miss out – including company directors. Other schemes can help, but there are drawbacks.

Support for company directors with Rebecca Seeley Harris – could there be a breakthrough?

Recorded on 16/12/2020

DISS is the brainchild of tax and legal expert Rebecca Seeley Harris, an old friend of IPSE’s who formerly worked at the Office of Tax Simplification. 

The webinar will cover:

• What support is available to company directors now and where are the gaps?

• What is the DISS and how would it work?

• What impact, if any, could this have on future tax rises?

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Coronavirus support – what’s changed for sole traders and limited companies?

Recorded on 03/12/2020

The webinar will cover:

• How to apply to the latest SEISS grant

• What has changed in the application criteria, and how this might affect eligibility

• How limited company directors can furlough themselves, including how to use IPSE’s template furlough letter

• The team will also touch on the latest Brexit developments, and how this might affect freelancers

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Coronavirus support in November – guide to the latest announcements

Recorded on 10/11/2020

Join IPSE’s Director of Policy, Andy Chamberlain and Policy Development Manager, Alasdair Hutchison for a run through of what the latest announcements mean for company directors and sole traders. 

The webinar will cover:

•    The extension to the Job Retention Scheme (Furlough scheme)
•    Changes to the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS)
•    Changes to Bounce Back Loans
•    The continued suspension of the Minimum Income Floor in Universal Credit

Self-employed support latest: what can you claim now?

Recorded on 29/10/2020

The webinar will cover:

• Changes to the JSS and what this means for company directors
• Changes to the SEISS and a careful look at how the fine print could make it harder to claim 
• What support is available in local lockdowns
• Test and trace payments and the self-employed
• Why are there still so many excluded from support altogether
• Are bounce back loans still on offer?
• Universal Credit and the reintroduction of the Minimum Income Floor

Covid support for the self-employed this winter – everything you need to know

Recorded on 06/10/2020

The Job Support Scheme (JSS) – available to company directors, though even less generous than its predecessor, the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (furlough scheme)
The Self-Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS) - extended for a further six months, but on less generous terms and will still exclude many
Bounce Back Loans (BBLs) – changes to the repayment terms
VAT and self-assessment deferrals – existing deferrals have been extended, some additional ones made available
IPSE’s view on the Winter Economy Plan – why we’ll be pushing the government for more

Are firms hiring and how has Coronavirus impacted agencies?

Recorded on 10/09/2020

The economic impact of the Coronavirus has been devastating and that pain has been felt all the way through the supply chain. In this webinar Andy Chamberlain is joined by Sophie Wingfield from the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) to discuss the impact of the pandemic on end clients, agencies and contractors; the attitude of agencies to the IR35 private sector changes; and REC’s assessment of the covid support packages.

The coronavirus crisis and mental health: tips to keep you on the level

Recorded on 03/09/2020

IPSE and special guest Matthew Knight from Leapers discuss mental health in the time of coronavirus – and hear about some small improvements that can make a big difference to your mood and keep you on track.

Plus, IPSE’s Head of Research Chloé Jepps discusses the findings from IPSE’s new report on mental health and explain the impact the crisis is having on freelancers’ state of mind. IPSE’s Director of Policy Andy Chamberlain will also explain the financial pressures on freelancers during lockdown and talk to guest Matthew Knight about how they can keep themselves on the level despite it all.

SEISS, Bounce Back Loans and ltd co directors using the furlough scheme

Recorded on 27/08/2020

IPSE will talk you through SEISS applications, as well as other forms of support that are still available. In particular, they’ll discuss the Bounce Back Loan Scheme and whether it’s right for you. The team will also delve into the furlough scheme and how freelance limited company directors can use it. 

COVID 19 - Where are we now?

Recorded on 06/08/2020

The webinar will cover: How have contractors and the self-employed been impacted – what does IPSE’s Freelancer Confidence Index tell us? How effective, or otherwise, have the Job Retention Scheme and the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme been? What is the likelihood of another lockdown and what would that mean for those support packages? What did the Chancellor say about IPSE’s proposal to expand the schemes to include dividend income?

Support for new freelancers limited companies and forgotten groups – with Excluded UK

Recorded on 09/07/2020

IPSE was joined by Sonali Joshi, the founder of Excluded UK, a group campaigning for all self-employed people who have missed out on government support during the coronavirus crisis. They examine what support people in these different groups could be eligible for, the future of the campaign for more support, the likelihood of a second wave and other pressing issues.

Coronavirus - Support for limited companies with ForgottenLtd

Recorded on 02/07/2020

IPSE were joined by the co-founder of ForgottenLtd, Gina Broadhurst, to talk about the campaign to get support for limited companies during Coronavirus. IPSE talk to Gina about the impact of the Coronavirus crisis on limited company directors, what support is currently available and the campaign for this group. They also discuss the likelihood of a second wave and what could then be done for freelancers working through limited companies.

Freelancers and Coronavirus - the latest news and advice

Recorded on 04/06/2020

We look at the latest news about Coronavirus and what it means for you – including what the Job Scheme Retention changes mean for limited companies and details about the extension of SEISS. We also look at IPSE’s latest research into the impact of the Coronavirus crisis on the self-employed sector, and particularly on people working through limited companies.

Support for Limited Companies – with Small Business Minister Paul Scully

Recorded on 28/05/2020

IPSE is joined by Small Business Minister Paul Scully for a special webinar on support for the self-employed – with a particular focus on limited companies. We talk to the minister about the support currently available – including the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme – and how long these schemes are likely to run. We also discuss what else could be done both for limited company contractors and the newly self-employed. We ask, too, about the implications of the Coronavirus crisis for the tax system and the changes to IR35.

Coronavirus and the Self-Employed – with Sir Ed Davey

Recorded on 21/05/2020

In this webinar, IPSE’s Policy Team are joined by acting Co-Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Sir Ed Davey. We start with an explanation of the latest developments in the Coronavirus crisis and what they mean for the self-employed – including the support available for both sole traders and limited company contractors. We also hear Sir Ed and the Liberal Democrats’ view on the support available for the self-employed, how long it should last and the government’s plans for coming out of lockdown. Plus, we get Sir Ed’s view on what else coul




On-demand webinars: IR35

Freelancing in a post-IR35 era

Recorded on 01/07/2021

In this webinar, hosted by IPSE’s Andy Chamberlain, Chris James the Director of Accounting at JSA Services look at how these changes will impact professional contractors in the coming months. The webinar covers:

  • Who is affected?  If you’re not now, might you be later?
  • Changes to contracts – what to look out for
  • Working in new and different ways – how to do it and common pitfalls
  • Tax planning in uncertain times
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IR35 – What is it and how is status determined?

Recorded on 13/05/2021

In this webinar IPSE’s Director of Policy, Andy Chamberlain, will explain the fundamental principles of IR35, the key factors that determine IR35 status and why so many clients are getting their IR35 determinations wrong.

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IR35 and Statements of Work – are they a solution and what are the risks?

Recorded on 22/04/2021

This webinar will cover:

  • What is a Statement (or Schedule) of Work?
  • Do SoWs help with IR35 compliance? And, if so, how?
  • How and where is the SoW used in the contractual chain?
  • How are SoWs used in contracted-out services? And more...
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IR35 – CEST, Indemnity Clauses, Employment rights: Your Unanswered Questions

Recorded on 15/04/2021

•    Indemnity clauses – are they enforceable?
•    The Check Employment Status for Tax tool – how does it work, who can use it and is it any good?
•    What is Mutuality of Obligation and why does it matter?
•    What exactly is a Status Determination Statement and can it give a ‘status undetermined’ result?
•    What does an ‘inside IR35’ determination mean for employment rights?

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IR35 and the Future of Self-Employment Taxation

Recorded on 31/03/2021

When it comes to tax and self-employment it’s fair to say these are bleak times. We are on the brink of the disastrous IR35 changes coming into force, the Chancellor has made no secret of his desire to see taxes rise for sole traders, a potential corporation tax hike is in the pipeline and the government has now begun to set out plans to introduce more frequent tax payments for those working for themselves.

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Working via an umbrella company, post-IR35 changes in April

Recorded on 25/03/2021

•    Why clients and agencies are pushing contractors towards umbrella working
•    The tax implications of working ‘on-payroll’
•    Liabilities for Employers NI and Apprenticeship Levy
•    Your rights under employment law
•    How to avoid non-compliant operators
•    And why using an umbrella doesn’t have to mean saying goodbye to your company

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IR35 – How is the market reacting?

Recorded on 18/03/2021

The webinar will cover:

  • Our latest survey results – what are contractors telling us about their clients’ reactions?
  • What is impact of the changes on contractors, their businesses and their future plans?
  • What proportion of contractors intend to work via an umbrella company?
  • What does the experience from the public sector tell us about where the market could go?
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IR35 in April 2021: Interactive Q&A

Recorded on 11/03/2021
This interactive Q&A webinar was an opportunity to have your IR35 questions answered by Paul Mason of Markel Tax, ahead of the legislation change in April 2021 on areas such as: changes in the legislation, reviewing an engagement, status determination statements, appeals processes, working with overseas clients, and impact on earnings.
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IR35 – Busting the Myths, with Chris James

Recorded on 18/02/2021

The inherent complexity of IR35 has given rise to a great deal of misunderstanding, misinformation and downright fake news. With changes in the private sector set to come in this April, even more myths have been circulating in recent months. 

Join IPSE’s Andy Chamberlain and Chris James, Director of Accounting at JSA Services, as they cut through the myths and provide you with an accurate picture of how the rules work now and what will happen as we approach April.

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IR35: How to prepare for the April 2021 changes

Recorded on 14/01/2021

In this practical webinar for limited company contractors and freelancers, Paul Mason of Markel Tax will talk you through the forthcoming IR35 changes in April 2021; how the market has reacted and what you need to do to prepare.

IR35 – How status is determined

Recorded on 19/11/2020

The webinar will cover:

  • The origins of IR35 and what it’s trying to achieve
  • Landmark tribunal cases and what they tell us about status
  • The key criteria – personal service, control and mutuality of obligation
  • Secondary considerations – being in business on your account
  • Will clients really be able to make accurate determinations?

IR35 - your questions answered

Recorded on 22/10/2020

Andy and Ryan from IPSE’s policy team will use this webinar to answer your burning questions on IR35. They will run through a quick overview of the legislation and any relevant updates, before answering some of the outstanding questions from last week, such as:

•    How do I avoid being inside IR35 in my engagement?
•    If I work in Europe, will I be affected
•    How will SDS’s work, are they essential?
•    Does the small company exemption apply to me and my engagement?
•    How will it affect multiple, overlapping contracts?
•    Is it fair that big consultancies and individual contractors are treated the same?

Consigning IR35 to the scrap heap - IPSE’s proposals for building a better tax system

Recorded on 15/10/2020

Please note that this webinar was cut short due to technical issues. The discussion has been carried forward into next week's webinar.

In this webinar, IPSE’s Director of Policy, Andy Chamberlain, and Economic Policy Adviser, Ryan Barnett, will examine the flaws in the tax system that have led to the creation, and the worsening, of IR35, before outlining some options for reform that might actually work for those working for themselves, and for whom PAYE will never fit. 

The Essential Guide to IR35 in 2021

Recorded on 01/10/2020

IR35 legislation will change in April 2021 and, if you operate through your own limited company, it will impact you. In this essential webinar for contractors and freelancers, Paul Mason, Head of Tax Partnerships at Markel Tax, will explain: What the changes are, How they impact you, How they impact your fee payer, How to prepare for the changes, and what you need to do to stay compliant.

IR35 – What is it and when does it apply?

Recorded on 23/07/2020

The government intends to implement changes to the way IR35 works in the private sector from April. It’s a significant change which will impact hundreds of thousands of contractors, agencies and clients – but the underlying IR35 status rules remain the same.The webinar will answer the following questions: What is IR35 and why is it so controversial? What are key criteria: substitution, control and mutuality of obligation? What are the ‘business-on-own-account’ tests? Why case law and employment status are crucial Does the Check Employment Status for Tax (CEST) tool generate accurate determinations (spoiler alert: it doesn’t).

IR35 in the private sector - what’s next?

Recorded on 16/07/2020

At IPSE, we were very disappointed the IR35 legislation passed report stage at the end of last month and we will continue to campaign against the rule change. We want to help freelancers practically prepare for what the changes could mean. IPSE’s Director of Policy, Andy Chamberlain, and Markel’s Head of Tax Partnerships, Paul Mason, discussed what the changes could mean for you and how to prepare. They take an in-depth look at how IR35 will change and offer practical advice on a range of areas including: Status Determination Statements (SDSs), The small company exemption, Contracted out services, The client-led dispute resolution service, Statement of work contracts.

IR35 in the private sector – your questions answered

Recorded on 25/06/2020

IPSE’s Andy Chamberlain was joined by CEO of ContractorCalculator, Dave Chaplin, to discuss the latest on IR35 and the proposed changes in the private sector. Dave and Andy discussed some of the key questions on IR35 at the moment, including: What changes does the government want to make to the IR35 legislation? Where are we with this legislation? Is it coming in 2021, or is there still hope? What were the key concerns raised by the House of Lords Committee and is the government going to address them? What are the courts saying on IR35 status, and on Mutuality of Obligation in particular? Does the CEST tool reflect the case law? If it does come in, what can hirers do to ensure they can access the flexible skills they will need while still being compliant?

IR35 - where are we now?

Recorded on 07/05/2020

IPSE Director of Policy Andy Chamberlain and Nicola Hayman, Legal Manager at Kingsbridge Insurance, give you the latest on IR35, including what the delay means for you. They take you through the basics of IR35, what the proposed government changes to it are and why they are so damaging for contractors and businesses. They also give an update on the House of Lords’s damning review of the changes to IR35, which IPSE contributed to. They discuss, too, why the government is still intent on including the legislation in this Finance Bill. After the changes to IR35 were delayed to April 2021, they also discuss what this means and whether a further delay is likely in light of the Coronavirus crisis.




On-demand webinars: Tax

Reporting and paying tax more frequently – what exactly does the government have in mind and how do we feel about it?

Recorded on 15/07/2021

This webinar will look closely at the following issues:

  • MTD roll-out: what is the timetable?
  • What exactly is meant by ‘third-party data’ and should government use it for calculating tax liabilities?
  • How do IPSE members feel about paying tax more frequently – we’ll share the results of our survey
  • Could the increased use of digital technology take the hassle out of tax administration, or will it add to the burden?
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Self Assessment tax return: All you need to know

Recorded on 11/01/2021

The webinar will cover:

•    Who should complete a Self Assessment tax return
•    What information you need
•    What happens after you have submitted the tax return
•    How to prepare for the next one

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Tax rises in the Budget

Recorded on 17/09/2020

The webinar will address the following questions:

• Is a big rise in Corporation Tax really on the table?

• Is the rate of Class 4 National Insurance going up?

• Where does IR35 fit in and what should be done about Employers’ National Insurance?

• How has IPSE responded to the Treasury Committee inquiry on tax?

Tax changes for the self-employed: what’s in store?

Recorded on 30/07/2020

The webinar will cover:

  • The new roadmap and implementation dates for the extension of Making Tax Digital
  • Plans for more regular reporting and payment of income tax for the self-employed
  • Consultations on how the government will clampdown on ‘disguised remuneration’ tax avoidance schemes – and those who promote them
  • A newly announced review into Capital Gains Tax




On-demand webinars: IPSE Membership 

IPSE pension scheme – what is it and how does it work?

Recorded on 28/01/2021

With your financial wellbeing in mind, we’ve partnered with Aegon to provide members with an IPSE pension scheme. 

In this webinar Frank Meaden, Member Communications Manager from Aegon Workplace Investing, will join Kristina Drinkwater, Head of Membership at IPSE, to discuss the IPSE pension scheme.

IPSE in 2020: Your voice in policy and more

Recorded on 24/09/2020

In this webinar, Derek Cribb, CEO of IPSE, and Jessica Hayden, IPSE’s Multimedia Content Editor, discuss IPSE’s vision for the future of self-employment. The webinar covers the following:
• The key lessons has IPSE learnt about the self-employment landscape in the last six months
• What has IPSE done for the self-employed so far during the pandemic
• What is IPSE doing now to help protect members as we look into the next year
• How an IPSE membership supports the self-employed in the next year

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Getting the most out of your IPSE membership

Recorded on 08/09/2020


Chloe Jepps (IPSE’s Head of Research) and Kristina Drinkwater (IPSE’s Head of Membership) discuss how to get the most out of your membership.
The webinar covers:

  • Hear about how IPSE is improving based on feedback from our members
  • Find out how you can get the best from your IPSE membership
  • Find out how you can get more involved with IPSE



On-demand webinars: Winning Work 

Social media marketing for freelancers

Recorded on 13/07/2021

The webinar will help you understand and the deep fundamentals that underpin effective digital communication. You’ll then be able to apply those principles to dramatically improve the impact of your social media marketing.

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The 8 Biggest Mistakes Contractors Make When Seeking Contract Work

Recorded on 06/07/2021

Learn the biggest mistakes contractors are making when seeking work including tackling the umbrella / payrolled market the wrong way, and for those looking for outside IR35 contracts, some of the clangers that should be avoided at all costs.

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Re-defining what it takes to be effective at selling

Recorded on 29/06/2021

This webinar by the Founder and MD of the London School of Sales, Vinit Shah, will take you through essential sales skills to help freelancers develop a personal toolkit, growth mindset and the confidence to excel in selling and influencing.

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Thinking strategically as a freelancer

Recorded on 18/05/2021

The webinar will help you think more strategically about your independent business. It will help you see how you can make your freelancing more stable, how you can avoid simply "treading water" and how to raise your profile so that you attract the right type of profitable clients.  

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Getting paid what you are worth: Value-centred fee negotiation

Recorded on 11/05/2021

Negotiating a value-centred fee is deeply satisfying at many levels. It adds straight to your profit-line: there is no additional cost of sale. Your focus on value builds trusted client relationships.  You feel good about the work you are doing, because it’s an expression of your deeper self-worth. In this webinar, John Niland from the Self Worth Academy will outline an approach to value-centred fee negotiation.

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Advanced CV writing for Contractors - IR35 tactics, Contractor CVs, perm job CVs and more

Recorded on 28/04/2021

This webinar will cover:

  • How to create an attention-grabbing go-to-market pitch
  • What’s a value proposition and why every great CV should have one
  • Using FAB statements to showcase your talents to clients
  • Learn why a high percentage of CVs never get read by a human

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Winning new clients

Recorded on 13/04/2021

Many freelancing opportunities are secured through informal networks and recommendations. Great freelancers make this informal system work in their favour.

In this webinar Alison Grade examines how these networks work and how you can make it work for your freelancing.

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The art of referrals: How to get others opening doors for you

Recorded on 30/03/2021

The webinar covers: 

-       The misunderstanding that causes most people to resist asking
-       The 4 steps of a referral conversation
-       How to start the conversating by being interested (vs. interesting)
-       Getting referrals in a digital conversation
-       Tips for opening doors online

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Valuing Yourself – show me the money!

Recorded on 23/03/2021

In this webinar Alison will explore how freelancers can transition their offering from trading time for money into impact driven value for their clients.

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Building brand me

Recorded on 12/01/2021

With the world of work changing and many freelancers looking to pivot and reinvent themselves, author of The Freelance Bible, Alison Grade is running a practical webinar to support those who are looking to rethink their skills and unlock new opportunities.

Social media 2020, a year in review

Recorded on 17/12/2020

In this session, chartered marketer and independent consultant Luan Wise will be reviewing the key changes in social media from 2020 and making some predictions for the year ahead.

How to grow your email list with social media

Recorded on 26/10/2020

Social media is a great way to build an audience and generate awareness for your business, but are you using it to collect email addresses?

In this webinar, chartered marketer and independent consultant Luan Wise will explain why an email list is an important asset to any business, and how to use social media for email list building.




On-demand webinars: Finance

CMME and IPSE Mortgage Research 2020/2021 Review: The challenges and solutions for the self-employed

Recorded on 23/02/2021

This webinar explores the findings of the report conducted jointly with CMME & IPSE, taking a closer look at the specific challenges and experiences of the self-employed community in securing a mortgage. 1 in 4 self-employed professionals claim to have experienced difficulty getting a mortgage*, CMME asks why and explores how this can be combatted by expert brokers and self-employed professionals alike. 

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Contractor trends in 2020: What can we learn for 2021?

Recorded on 10/12/2020

In this webinar, James Foster and Joanne Harris from SJD Accountancy will share the results of SJD’s 2020 Contractor Survey. Over 2,000 independent professionals provided insights on a wide range of topics and from this, discuss and summarise the key learnings and the current contracting landscape and what lessons can be learned before we head into 2021.

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What the self-employed customer thinks: benefits of digital banking

Recorded on 26/11/2020

Thinking of moving to a digital bank, but want to know a bit more about them? Listen to this webinar, hosted by IPSE partner and three-time winner of Best British Bank, Starling.

You’ll hear from real customers about their experience of moving to a digital bank, as well as the products and features they find most helpful when running their business.

That’s not all: you’ll also get to hear about how digital banking can make life easier if you’re self-employed, especially when it comes to important things like invoices and tax. Finally: has the pandemic made digital banking even more important?

Are you mortgage fit? What every self-employed professional should know

Recorded on 12/11/2020

Mortgage expert, Simon Butler, CMME’s Head of Mortgages will talk you through all of this and the tips you need to be mortgage ready in 2020.  The webinar will cover: 

•    Latest trends, opportunities & watchouts
•    How to get ‘mortgage fit’ – put yourself in the best position to secure a new mortgage or re-mortgage
•    How to ensure you have the right protections in place to ensure long term peace of mind
•    How IR35 will play a part in your mortgage application – Umbrella vs Contractor

Investing for an uncertain future

Recorded on 11/11/2020

Iona Bain will discuss how freelancers can start investing in an uncertain world. She’ll cover the reasons why all self-employed people need to understand investing, what they need to do to be investment-ready and the factors that should guide their investing decisions.



On-demand webinars: Late Payment

My Money webinar: Getting paid- how to handle client payment disputes successfully

Recorded on 03/11/2020

Designed for freelancers, contractors and anyone running a small business, this webinar will equip you with the knowledge to handle payment disputes in an effective way.

The webinar will cover:

-    The first steps to take when an invoice is outstanding
-    How to manage the debt recovery process without destroying client relationships
-    Your legal options if an invoice remains unpaid 
-    How insurance can help protect you against counter claims



On-demand webinars: Policy

Spring Budget 2021 – Find out what it means for you

Recorded on 04/03/2021

Up for discussion will be any Budget announcements, or lack thereof, on:

• Planned IR35 changes and their impact post April

• Covid support for limited company directors

• The extension of the SEISS scheme

• Any changes to taxes, including corporation tax, capital gains tax, National Insurance, VAT

• Any other surprises from the Chancellor that might affect the self-employed

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Pregnant Then Screwed: What's it like to be a freelance mother?

Recorded on 25/02/2021

IPSE is joined by Olga Fitzroy who works with Pregnant Then Screwed, a campaigning body to help those facing maternity or pregnancy discrimination. 

The webinar covers:

  •  The parental rights available to freelancers
  • The problems faced by freelance mums
  • The work of Pregnant Then Screwed
  • Where to find support as a freelance mum

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What to expect in the March Budget

Recorded on 11/02/2021

Rishi Sunak will deliver his second Budget as Chancellor of the Exchequer early next month. There has been much speculation over what it may contain – much of which would impact contractors and sole traders significantly.

Join IPSE’s Andy Chamberlain and Phil Hall, Head of Public Affairs and Policy at the Association of Accounting Technicians, as they discuss the Chancellor’s options and what they’d really like to hear him say at the dispatch box on 3rd March. 

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Labour and the self-employed with Abena Oppong Asare MP, Shadow Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury

Recorded on 21/01/2021

2020 was a tumultuous year for everyone, including the Labour Party. With a new leader and a largely new shadow cabinet, the Party had to quickly adapt to the pandemic and a slew of new initiatives coming from government.

But where does the Party stand now on the issues that contractors and sole traders care about most? Listen to this webinar to hear the answer to that question from Shadow Exchequer Secretary, Abena Oppong-Asare MP.





On-demand webinars: Wellbeing

Women in freelancing: tackling isolation, prioritising wellbeing and thriving in self-employment

Recorded on 04/05/2021

In this workshop with The Moderna we explore:

•    The specific challenges women face in freelancing and self-employment.
•    The 5 key pillars of wellbeing - that are essential for you to thrive and find joy as a freelancer.
•    We’ll be identifying what stage of the freelance journey you’re at and what steps to take to progress.
•    How to tackle isolation and loneliness when working for and by yourself.
•    The fundamental things you need to incorporate into your planning to create the lifestyle you want.

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