IPSE is a UK non-profit membership organisation for the self-employed

The UK's only not-for-profit membership organisation for the self-employed.

Join 13,500 other freelancers, contractors, consultants, independent professionals and interims as a full member of IPSE. Our membership can help you in any stage of your career, from side-hustle to a full-scale operation.

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Everything to support the
self-employed, all in one place

No two days are the same when you're self-employed, and with that comes excitement and opportunity, but also risk. It's important to ensure you're prepared for the worst, so that you can enjoy doing what you do best. With an IPSE membership you get access to all the right tools to help protect and empower your business, all in one place.

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IPSE is here to support your business


Protect yourself

Don’t lose valuable income when you’re ill or a client doesn’t pay. Get a suite of essential insurances, so you have peace of mind knowing you are covered by IPSE.

Grow your business

To ensure our members’ businesses thrive, we provide you with access to 24 hour helplines, a wide selection of essential templates, and a benefits platform to access the best deals.

Campaigning for you

Whether you identify as being self-employed or as a freelancer, a contractor or a business owner, a founder or an entrepreneur or a gig worker, we are the one voice to represent all.

Join a community

Connect, collaborate, and develop with 13,500 other IPSE members from a range of industries, with exclusive access to events, forums, and our online groups.


Top trending reads

Stay up to date on the latest news from the world of self-employment.




IPSE Incubator

Our 12-month programme of dedicated content and advice, to start you on your self-employed journey.

Combining the knowledge, support and protection you need, with our dedicated helplines and experienced staff, we ensure your self-employed business gets its best chance of success.

Now free with any IPSE membership.

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Campaigning for you

Our recent policy work has been some of the most significant in IPSE’s history, with regular talks with the Chancellor and across government and national campaigns to support the self-employed through the coronavirus crisis. We're currently campaigning to review and reform the tax system and ensure the government is ready to support more of the self-employed if it comes to a second lockdown. Our members are what enables us to be a force with government and industry, the more of us, the louder our voice.

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IPSE successfully campaigned for the extension of the Universal Credit minimum income floor suspension, keeping a lifeline open for hundreds of thousands of self-employed people.

IPSE successfully lobbied for small clients to be exempt from new IR35 rules.

IPSE successfully campaigned for the introduction of financial support for the self-employed during the pandemic.

IPSE successfully campaigned for the newly self-employed to be included in the latest SEISS grants.

Representing the self-employed in

IPSE gives freelancers the support they need to thrive in today's market. For me, the best part of IPSE membership is attending the organised events as I always learn something new and make useful connections.

Luke Nicholson

Improve Your Accent, Founder

Being a member of IPSE has plugged me into a fantastic array of resources that I just wouldn't be able to access otherwise. I've also been given access to really useful perks that are normally only available to full-time employees.

Iona Bain

The Young Money Blog, Founder

As an IPSE Plus member I rest easy knowing that support is just a phone call away. The tax and legal helplines have solved quite a few issues for me over the years. They have saved me a lot of pain and even got me a VAT refund!

Tim Bradburn

Blue Cricket, Founder



We empower you

IPSE membership offers you tax and legal helplines for advice and peace of mind, mental health and wellbeing support, guides and advice, as well as meet-ups and other events so you can get practical tips and support from the freelance community.

We protect you and your business

We want to see your business succeed. An IPSE membership offers you up to £10,000* in cover if a client, umbrella company or agency goes into administration. You also get vital tax investigation insurance, sickness and injury cover and much more.

We connect the self-employed

Being part of the UK’s largest community of freelancers and self-employed professionals gives you the safety net, support and inspiration you need to thrive, wherever you are in your self-employed journey.


*Conditions apply 

IPSE ensures you are covered should you get injured or ill

Can you afford to not work?

Losing one or more days of payment without cover could cost you much more than a year of IPSE membership. Cover your self-employed income with a small monthly payment for peace of mind.

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