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With our mission to support and promote the work of independent professionals and the self-employed, IPSE will keep striving to stop those in need from being left behind.  Visit our campaign hub to find the latest information and advice for the self-employed.

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Join 75,000 of your fellow freelancers, contractors, consultants, independent professionals and interims and gain access to a huge range of membership benefits, knowledge, experience and, of course, our award-winning policy work with Government.

We keep your mind at ease, with taxation cover, default cover, life assurance and much more. 

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IPSE membership is designed to give you the tools you need to set up for success and manage your business and home life.

Our dedicated platform is full of discounts and free perks, so you can save money whilst treating yourself and your family. From high street savings, discounted training, partner promotions and services that protect you against some of life's little surprises. Whatever it is, we'll be there to support you. 

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IPSE protects its members with a range of essential benefits, from tax investigation cover to illness an injury cover. You'll have peace of mind both in business and in life, knowing you are covered by IPSE. 

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Our mission is for all self-employed businesses to thrive. To help our members achieve this, we have a huge resource centre, dedicated events and specialist training, that allow you to build your skills.

Campaigning with IPSE

Campaigning for you

IPSE fights for what is right for you and your business. We campaign to Government and industry leaders to build a better world so you can grow your business and be happy and healthy in your everyday life.

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When you join IPSE, you join a supportive community of people who have chosen to be their own boss, just like you. Events, forums and our online groups, all help you get to know other IPSE members from a range of industries.


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Coronavirus and the self-employed

Coronavirus: what IPSE is doing and advice for freelancers and the self-employed

COVID-19 Hub
Stop IR35

 Join our #stopIR35 campaign and find everything you need to know about how the changes could affect you.

Stop IR35


End late payment

 Stop freelancers losing large amounts of time and money each year to the UK's poor payment culture.

End late payments

Contract review service

The Government announced that IR35 will be postponed by a year, but should I still be concerned?

We always recommend that each contract your business wins is reviewed by experts to ensure you have the best defence against HMRC, should they come knocking.

Contract Review Service


We offer our members a huge range of business protection benefits, support and, of course, our award-winning policy work with Government.


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