Freelance Corner podcast

Freelance Corner is the only expert-led podcast for the UK's freelance community.

Each week, hosts Faye and Jess quiz an expert on an issue that affects you, with the goal of answering an important question. Nothing is off limits: we discuss everything from saving for a pension, how to find work, and even how to find love as a freelancer.

To have your question about a freelance issue answered, email [email protected] today! 

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Who and what is Freelance Corner?

Being self-employed, you might identify as a contractor, consultant, interim, independent professional, or something else entirely. IPSE was founded on protecting all self-employed workers in the UK, no matter how you identify your work. 

The number of freelancers in the UK is rising rapidly, and that’s why we launched Freelance Corner in 2019, as a branch of the IPSE family. Freelance Corner members access benefits tailored to suit their type of work, with tools, content and guides based on freelancing. 

The price of membership is the same for both IPSE and Freelance Corner members, but having two separate brands means we can tailor our benefits and content towards the right audience all the time. 

Whether you are an IPSE or Freelance Corner member, we are all one team behind the self-employed, helping you focus on what you do best.