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Freelance Corner is the only expert-led podcast for the UK's freelance community

Every fortnight, join hosts Orla and Ben as they quiz an expert on an issue that affects you, with the goal of answering an important question.

Each episode features candid conversations with inspiring freelancers who share their story with us, insider tips and valuable advice for you in your own freelancing career.

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Latest episodes

Episode 07

How can you become a freelance journalist?

Do you love writing? Want to turn your passion into a freelance career but not sure where to start?  


Episode 06

How to find your niche and win work as a freelancer

Alison uses her rare mix of creative, academic and business experience to help transform creative concepts into business reality. 


Episode 05

How to start freelancing and the power of community

Have you always wondered ‘what if’ you went freelance? You have a great idea, but you’re not sure what practical steps you should take to get started with going freelance?


Episode 04

How are work patterns changing?

This week Orla and Ben speak with entrepreneur Lizzie Penny and discuss how work patterns are changing. We explore the concept of the 9-5, dissect productivity and find out how you can make your schedule, lifestyle and ultimately - workstyle, cater to you and your wellbeing as a freelancer.




Episode 03

Unpacking neurodiversity and mental health as a freelancer

In this week’s episode, Orla and Ben are joined by Laura Wallis, a freelance writer and speaker with expertise in women's healthcare, neurodiversity, and mental health.




Episode 02

Social impact and how awards can help freelancers

Jaime Gill is an award-winning creative, copywriter and communications consultant with over 20 years experience. He strives to make a social impact and has created campaigns for global organizations including UNICEF and non-profit organizations.




Episode 01

How to achieve work-life balance as a freelancer

This week, Orla and Ben caught up with IPSE member Katy Carlisle, otherwise known as the SQ SP Queen. Katy is a web designer who is passionate about all things website design and making her schedule work for her. Katy is also founder of Freelance Folk, the co-host of podcast 99 Problems (but a boss ain’t one), IPSE Member Forum leader and judge for IPSE’s 2021 Freelancer of the Year Awards.

We delve into Katy's journey as a freelancer, how to achieve a work-life balance as a freelancer, client red flags and how to make your schedule work for you.

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Who and what is Freelance Corner?

Being self-employed, you might identify as a contractor, consultant, interim, independent professional, or something else entirely. IPSE was founded on protecting all self-employed workers in the UK, no matter how you identify your work.

The number of freelancers in the UK is rising rapidly, and that’s why we launched Freelance Corner in 2019, as a branch of the IPSE family. Freelance Corner members access content tailored to suit their type of work, with tools, blogs and guides based on freelancing.

Whether you call yourself a contractor or a freelancer, we are all one team behind the self-employed, helping you focus on what you do best.

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