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Running a business can be complicated. By becoming an IPSE member, you can have access to an extensive range of advice, guides, tools and templates, all designed to keep your business moving forward and help you avoid any costly mistakes.

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Guides and Advice 

At IPSE, we recognise that being self-employed often means having to navigate lots of different websites with no clear source of truth. As the only not-for-profit focused on self-employment in the UK, IPSE provides impartial and relevant advice on the topics that matter to you. Save yourself the time you would otherwise spend perusing the internet for an answer, and rest-assured that you’re receiving expert advice. 

Our guides cover everything from setting up a company to ways to win work and, importantly, how to ensure you get paid; packed with real-life case studies from those who have experienced it all first-hand. We are always updating and creating member-only guides to help you flourish in your self-employed career.  

Have a look around our IPSE Library and Advice pages to see our guides, templates and reports. 


Starting out support through our Incubator programme

This 12-month Incubator provides hands-on support for launching a new business. Each month, you'll receive a range of helpful resources and tasks to complete, taking you step-by-step through the creation of your business. Plus, you'll have access to a dedicated account manager and helplines, should you have any questions along the way.

Want to enrol in the Incubator? Either sign up for Kickstart membership for automatic access, or join on any membership category and use the code INC-IPSE.

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Contract templates   

The correct contract is an essential part of every freelancer's toolkit.  Not only do they outline the wants, needs and expectations of both you and your client, but they also provide a legal framework within which these will be achieved; and a backup should legal intervention be required.  IPSE’s Library and Business Hub host a range of templates for members, so you can save yourself the time, money, and stress of drafting your own contracts.   

Business templates

When you already have so many tasks on the go as a freelancer, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel every time you start a project or set up a new system for your business. From invoice templates to Non-Disclosure Agreements, IPSE’s library of templates and Business Hub has you covered, saving you precious time and effort.    

Looking for something in particular that would help you streamline your business? Let us know! Based on feedback from our members, we’re constantly creating new resources. For example, you can now find three template letters for chasing late payment in our library, which outline your rights as a freelancer, all thanks to the feedback of IPSE members.  

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IR35 Contract Review

It's vital that you understand exactly how your contract affects your IR35 status, that's why IPSE has, for fifteen years, recommended that each contract your business wins is reviewed by experts to ensure that you have the best defence you can if the taxman does come calling.

IPSE's IR35 Contract Review service provides you with a detailed report offering any appropriate amendments and improvements to the contract wording, as well as considering the day to day working practices of the engagement and concluding with a definitive IR35 'pass' or 'fail'. Public Sector contractors are also offered specific assurance to provide to the Government Department.

Dedicated to quality and conciseness, IPSE ensures that each review is concluded within 5 working days, but also offers a 24 hour express service which is affordable and just as reliable if you need a quick turnaround.

IPSE members receive a discount on all contract reviews.

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