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Self-employment often means having to navigate lots of different websites with no clear source of truth.

As the only not-for profit focused on self-employment, IPSE provides impartial and relevant advice on the topics that matter to you. Find the self-employment support you are looking for below.

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New to self-employment advice

If you're considering freelancing as a career change or you're new to self-employment, make the transition easier with a range of advice and information to support you in the early days, including setting up your business, organising your finances, and securing your first contract with clients

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How to become a... advice

Want to know more about developing a career in a specific freelancing field, or need industry-specific support for your self-employed business? Our How To Become articles are a constantly growing series of guides to a range of freelancing specialities.

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Insurance advice

Make sure that you are protected with the key insurances needed by the self-employed community. Plus, IPSE members can receive a discount through our partner Markel.

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IR35 advice

IPSE continues to campaign against IR35, pushing the government to address the underlying problems in the tax system so we can do away with IR35 once and for all.

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Legal guidance

Legal challenges can often feel overwhelming and scary, particularly if you’re working as a solo business owner. But being reluctant to take action, or ignoring an issue in the hope it will disappear, will often make the situation worse.

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Managed service company advice

IPSE’S Managed Service Company Hub is where you will find everything you need to know about the MSC legislation and how it might affect your business. We’ve put the hub together in light of recent HMRC activity in this area.

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Mental wellbeing advice

We've put together a set of resources and guides to support positive mental wellbeing for the self-employed, combing our business knowledge with tips and advice from mental health and wellbeing experts.

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Pandemic and Coronavirus advice

The self-employed have been hit particularly hard, with many excluded from government support. However, IPSE has been here throughout the pandemic, advocating on your behalf, member or not, and supporting our members with helplines, webinars and advice.

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Physical wellbeing advice

Running a business, or freelancing and contracting for clients, can be busy, stressful and all-consuming, but Ignoring your health and wellbeing can have serious implications for you, and your business.

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Self-employed families and parents advice

As a freelancer, you might be wondering what options are available to you for making the most of your maternity, paternity, and adoption leave including how to best navigate this new landscape. That's why we've compiled a range of advice, tips and real life stories from other freelancers for all-round support.

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Self-employed tax guidance

Do you need to complete a tax return? What can you expense? What happens if you have fluctuating income? IPSE's tax guidance answers these questions and more to get you in the best shape possible for your tax return and tax year end.

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Social wellbeing advice

Choosing your level of sociability is a big advantage of self-employment, but if you prefer solitude, or have a more introverted character, working and socialising with other people can be exhausting. It's important to find the right balance.

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Stress awareness advice

Feeling stressed as a freelancer and need some support? Discover our advice as part of the IPSE community to support you as you embark on your career venture. Learn tips and tricks for keeping your wellbeing in check all year round.

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Ways of working advice

Great, you’ve decided to work for yourself. It’s a very rewarding career path for over 5 million people in the UK. We’ve put below some of the things you need to do and may want to consider as you’re starting on this journey.

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Winning work advice

Do you work for yourself? In that case, you probably want to know how to get clients and generate revenue as quickly as possible.

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Networking and community for the self-employed

There are a variety of big potential benefits from joining or building social groups related to your work and personal interests. To help you find ideas, inspiration, and advice, we’ve loosely grouped our networking & community guides into the three main areas.

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