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Self-employment often means having to navigate lots of different websites with no clear source of truth.

As the only not-for profit focused on self-employment, IPSE provides impartial and relevant advice on the topics that matter to you. Find the self-employment support you are looking for below.


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Coronavirus is a real concern for all self-employed, from a lack of support from government to the real impact this has on everyday life. 

Here you'll find information on:


Financial wellbeing

Managing your revenue and profits is crucial to a sustainable freelance career or self-employed business. Find out how to manage your accounts, increase your income, and make the most of your outgoings and expenses. And how to tackle missed or late payments to minimise disruption to your finances.

This section covers:

Financial wellbeing advice
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How-to become

Find practical and detailed advice on starting a self-employed business, focused on specific industries and career paths. Learn about what different freelance jobs actually involve on a daily basis, the skills or qualifications you might need, and other useful tips and resources for each role.

How to become a freelance:

How-to advice




Make sure that you are protected with the key insurances needed by the self-employed community. Plus, IPSE members can receive a discount through our partner Markel.

Here you'll find information on:

  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • Public liability insurance
  • Employers’ liability insurance
  • Directors and officers insurance
  • Legal expenses insurance
  • Business equipment insurance
  • Cyber insurance


Off-payroll working rules, otherwise known as IR35 or the intermediaries legislation, is a damaging taxation law from HMRC that IPSE strongly opposes. IPSE was founded to fight IR35, and we continue to support our members through the changes.

Here you'll find information on: 

IR35 advice

Legal Information

Legal challenges can often feel overwhelming and scary, particularly if you’re working as a solo business owner. But being reluctant to take action, or ignoring an issue in the hope it will disappear, will often make the situation worse.

Here you'll find information on:



Managed service company

IPSE’S Managed Service Company Hub is where you will find everything you need to know about the MSC legislation and how it might affect your business. We’ve put the hub together in light of recent HMRC activity in this area.

This section covers:

  • What is a managed service company
  • How IPSE can support you
  • Webinar: Your questions answered
  • FAQ's
MSC advice

Mental wellbeing

We've put together a set of resources and guides to support positive mental wellbeing for the self-employed, combing our business knowledge with tips and advice from mental health and wellbeing experts.

This section covers:

Mental wellbeing advice

Physical wellbeing

Running a business, or freelancing and contracting for clients, can be busy, stressful and all-consuming, but Ignoring your health and wellbeing can have serious implications for you, and your business.

This section covers:

Physical wellbeing advice



Self-employed families and parents

Find advice on many aspects of freelance life as a parent.

This section covers:

Families and parents advice
Self-Employed Tax advice

Self-employed tax

It's important to create good financial habits throughout the year to make any tax deadlines go that much smoother. Find out how to be tax efficient, read expert tips about Self Assessments and tax year end, and learn about the importance of digital record keeping.

This section covers:

Self-employed tax advice

Social wellbeing

Choosing your level of sociability is a big advantage of self-employment, but if you prefer solitude, or have a more introverted character, working and socialising with other people can be exhausting. It's important to find the right balance.

This section covers:

Social wellbeing advice



Stress awareness

In light of National Stress Awareness month, IPSE is highlighting key issues surrounding stress and actions the self-employed can take for a healthier work-life balance.

This section covers:

Stress Awareness hub

Ways of working

There are many ways to work as a self-employed person, from operating as a sole trader, limited company director or as part of an umbrella organisation.

This section covers:

Ways of working advice

Winning work

Tips and advice to help you grow your business no matter what industry or sector you work in.

Here you'll find information on:

Winning work advice


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