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Following an independent analysis by the consultancy, Compass Partnership, we received a recommendation that a top-down review of IPSE’s governance arrangements was required.

IPSE is launching its third quarterly survey in an effort to track the economic outlook of independent professionals and the self-employed across the UK.

IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, has today welcomed the recognition of the self-employed by Labour Party leader, Ed Miliband, in his speech at the Labour Party Conference.

Simon McVicker, Director of Policy and External Affairs at IPSE, said:

IPSE held its first fringe event at the Labour Party Conference last night, in partnership with the think-tank Demos writes IPSE’s Policy Development Manager, George Anastasi.
Following Scotland’s decision to vote ‘No thanks’ to independence, IPSE, The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed has commented on the result. 
The self-employed don’t demand too much from government.
On Thursday 18th September, 4,285,323 registered voters in Scotland will have the opportunity to vote in a simple majority-based referendum on whether Scotland should become an independent nation (“Yes”) or remain part of the United Kingdom (“No”).
Most people don’t get that excited about stats. But the monthly Labour Market release from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) is important for a couple of reasons writes Jordan Marshall, IPSE's Policy Adviser.

The latest ONS labour market figures released today show a record number of people are choosing self-employment, with a further 225,000 people choosing full-time self-employment between May and July of this year.

IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, has welcomed a new report calling for freelancing to be put at the heart of public policy.
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23/09/2014 17:20
Press Release: Self-employment body welcomes Labour Party’s support for sector http://t.co/1f7DUq8F2C
23/09/2014 16:56
RT @EuroFreelancers: What if Uber and Airbnb would be forced to hire employees rather than contractors http://t.co/LvE3Xf6KlU via @sai
23/09/2014 16:54
Oh look. We have 4,999 followers. Go on, one more and the boss will allow us to let off a party popper...
23/09/2014 16:09
RT @JordanIPSE: Good to hear Milliband talk about boosting self-employed in his speech - hear more on #selfemployment at 6.30 tonight http:…
23/09/2014 16:06
RT @WomanFreelancer: Our #Manchester event is finally here! Tonight we'll be discussing how politicians can help women in #selfemployment h…
23/09/2014 16:01
@Jn_Norris @MichaelLCrick we are indeed. Maternity pay, pension, mortgages, affordable offices, broadband. More here: http://t.co/v1PT5i5ikU
23/09/2014 15:41
RT @AmandaCiskeREC: Ed Miliband: 5.5 million people are self-employed - Labour pledge to fight for their equal rights. #Lab14
23/09/2014 15:35
@Dan_Martin @sthompson20 sick pay, maternity pay and pensions. You can find more in our manifesto here: http://t.co/v1PT5i5ikU
23/09/2014 15:12
RT @George_IPSE: Great that self-employment recognised in the speech- we need IPSE's manifesto plans to be taken forward #Lab14
23/09/2014 15:10
RT @JordanIPSE: Milliband says Labour will back the "growing self-employed army" - pledging equal rights for all #Lab14
23/09/2014 15:07
For more on Ed Miliband's policies on pensions and mortgages for #selfemployed see our manifesto: http://t.co/v1PT5i5ikU
23/09/2014 15:05
RT @George_IPSE: EdM says he will deliver equal rights for the self employed and pays tribute to their entrepreneurialism #Lab14
23/09/2014 15:04
RT @Work_Hello: Great meeting in #Manchester with @teamIPSE this afternoon! Looking forward to the next one -and of course, to the #WFN14 t…
23/09/2014 15:02
RT @George_IPSE: First policy announced is a rise in the min wage, as expected #Lab14
23/09/2014 14:32
RT @George_IPSE: Big expectations for this speech- I've never seen the queue this long or the halls this packed. You can tell it's an elect…
23/09/2014 14:19
RT @JordanIPSE: We're almost ready for Milliband's speech. Needs to make credible case for Labour to be trusted with economy again. http://…
23/09/2014 12:11
RT @EuroFreelancers: Building the self-employed economy http://t.co/BCKhshDAXN via @teamIPSE
23/09/2014 11:38
RT @RosieHLibell: At #Lab14? Check out our event tonight discussing the rise of women in #selfemployment with @SharonHodgsonMP. 18:30, Pala…
23/09/2014 11:26
At the Conservative Party Conf next week? Our event sees an expert panel debate #selfemployment as the future of work. Tweet us for details!
23/09/2014 09:55
RT @JordanIPSE: Are women leading the way with self-employment? Come and hear from @SharonHodgsonMP & others at #Lab14 tonight http://t.co/
23/09/2014 09:50
RT @SuneetaIPSE: If you're #selfemployed do @teamIPSE economic survey to feed into Bank of England monetary policy & win an iPad mini http:…
23/09/2014 09:02
If you're at #Lab14 why not pop into the Women's Freelance Network event tonight? Details here: http://t.co/P5ndXiPaeq
23/09/2014 08:17
RT @atkinsondavid: "By 2020, no commuter or inter-city train service should be without WiFi." via @teamIPSE https://t.co/zcCtJ8gVfg #self-e…
22/09/2014 16:23
Thank you! Hope you enjoyed the day! RT @lemontreecakes: @teamIPSE great pic
22/09/2014 15:28
RT @WomanFreelancer: Very excited about our event in #Manchester for #freelancers tomorrow! Still time to book - see you there! http://t.co
22/09/2014 12:39
RT @samforrest94: Photoshoot/networking in Shoreditch @15for15 @teamIPSE #entrepreneurs http://t.co/F3HOYP3V1N
22/09/2014 12:39
Want the latest on the Labour Party Conference? Follow @George_IPSE and @JordanIPSE who are live tweeting direct from Manchester #Lab14
22/09/2014 12:26
RT @Penelope: #Selfemployed? Take part in our partner @teamIPSE’s, survey to be in with a chance of winning an iPad mini http://t.co/5saSfq
22/09/2014 12:25
Our finalists are cutting a dash too. Sharp suits (and hats!) on show. No sign of the working from home PJ's today! http://t.co/3i3407B9NB
22/09/2014 12:21
True! RT @Teahuggers: @teamIPSE @15for15 there's no better view than #london rooftops
22/09/2014 12:15
We don't have a bad backdrop for today's @15for15 photoshoot do we? #London is looking fine! http://t.co/B589NcfDZS
22/09/2014 11:52
At the Tory Conf next week? Our fringe event sees @DavidRutleyMP & @rmlcoulson ask if self-employment is the future. Tweet us for details!
22/09/2014 11:33
RT @Onrec: As Scotland says No, politicians must say Yes to self employed http://t.co/2Ctl2Q9mFe @teamIPSE
22/09/2014 11:17
Sneak peek! We're on site in trendy east london today getting some cool photos of our brilliant @15for15 finalists... http://t.co/aGv67E4jp3
22/09/2014 11:14
You can now read a full report of our #Lab14 fringe event on self-employment, 'Going it Alone' by @George_IPSE http://t.co/4RfGnv0p7R
22/09/2014 10:53
The Women's Freelance Network comes to #Manchester tomorrow! Get your free tickets here: http://t.co/iDSAGvW2l9
22/09/2014 08:52
It's Monday! What better way to start your week than helping us with our new survey? http://t.co/jJm9iLFva8 You could win an iPad...
21/09/2014 16:10
RT @George_IPSE: At #Lab14? See @SeemaMalhotra1 & @Debbie_abrahams w/ @Demos and @IPSEwestminster at the premier inn, 5:30pm for our event …
21/09/2014 15:45
The Women's Freelance Network comes to #Birmingham on Tuesday 30th September. Get your free tickets here: http://t.co/cp9OFsnlgk
20/09/2014 17:01
The Women's Freelance Network comes to #Manchester on Tuesday 23rd September. Get your free tickets here: http://t.co/iDSAGvW2l9
20/09/2014 10:15
The Women's Freelance Network comes to #Birmingham on Tuesday 30th September. Get your free tickets here: http://t.co/K410rDsfqy
19/09/2014 16:47
The Women's Freelance Network comes to #Birmingham on Tuesday 30th September. Get your free tickets here: http://t.co/mNxUcpJgQI
19/09/2014 12:33
Press Release: As Scotland says No, politicians must say Yes to #selfemployed http://t.co/1b7Q0SM7ve
18/09/2014 15:52
@leansempai any problems please do call our membership team on 0208 759 1946 and we'll be happy to help!
18/09/2014 15:39
@leansempai Hi Russell, if you are a member you can download from MyIPSE on the website once you've logged in. Is that working for you?
18/09/2014 15:34
What does Govt need to do to build a self-employed economy? @JordanIPSE has the answers in his latest blog: http://t.co/x8Z3GZM4hD
18/09/2014 14:45
RT @Penelope: Our partner @teamIPSE is conducting a survey to gauge economic confidence for independent professionals.Find out more http://…
18/09/2014 13:20
RT @EvansGeorge: On my way to #Brighton for tonight's @teamIPSE networking event for #freelancers
18/09/2014 10:57
If you're a female Scottish #freelancer why not take an #indyref break and register for our Glasgow networking event? http://t.co/zNAFovjOe9
18/09/2014 10:51
RT @Freelance_UK: Call to appoint minister for the self-employed from @teamIPSE http://t.co/J38dUxhXCr