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Working for yourself doesn’t have to mean working alone.

Being part of the UK’s largest community of freelancers and self-employed professionals gives you the protection, support and inspiration you need to thrive, wherever you are in your self-employed journey.

Being a membership, IPSE has people at its heart.  Founded by members over 20 years ago, the community has continued to grow and flourish.  Members regularly connect both in person and online, via our events, webinars, LinkedIn group and online forums.

Wherever you are in the world, you have a community of self-employed people with you at IPSE to grow your network throughtout your business journey.





IPSE runs and supports around 100 events annually, such as our flagship event - National Freelancers Day, regular webinars from a range of specialists and smaller events around the UK. All of the events are designed with our members in mind, to expand their network and share ideas with other self-employed individuals from all industries.

IPSE's online events and webinars, allow members to directly connect and discuss topics directly with specialists for a range of topics, including finance, social media, wellbeing, winning work and much more.

Have a look at IPSE's upcoming events to see what you could get involved in.

Online Community

IPSE members are spread across the UK and beyond, so we know it is difficult to always be able to meet-up in person.  IPSE has a selection of different online channels for you to access you self-employed community.  

These channels include our online forum - the IPSE Community, a private LinkedIn group and all of our social channels.  We aim to provide as many ways as possible to you to meet your fellow freelancer and grow your network for support and inspiration.



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I would highly recommend IPSE membership to anyone who is self-employed. I benefitted greatly from having access to IPSEs wonderful resources, and I could rest assured, knowing that I had access to everything from contract templates and guidance to legal advice. Having IPSE membership helped me to ensure I had implemented all of the best business practices, and it's great to be part of such a friendly support network of other freelancers too.

Harvey Morton

Founder, Harvey Morton Digital

As a freelancer, having something like IPSE to provide support and advice on everything from tax to legal matters is invaluable. What’s more, it’s a community that bring freelancers together and an industry body fights our corner on major issues - both of which make all the difference when you work alone.

Gareth Hancock

Owner. Writer. Dogsbody. That. Content. Shed.

Being a member of IPSE has plugged me into a fantastic array of resources that I just wouldn't be able to access otherwise. I've also been given access to really useful perks that are not normally only available to full-time employees. But the help that IPSE provides isn't just practical and financial. Its magazine, email updates and events keep me connected with what's going on at a policy level and completely assures me that IPSE is giving us a voice and sticking up for our interests.

Iona Bain

The Young Money Blog, Founder