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IPSE's Policy and External Affairs Adviser, Jordan Marshall, highlights the importance of the North Sea Oil and Gas industry to Britain. 

IPSE is reviewing its membership offering and obtaining feedback from our members is vital to this process. We would appreciate your taking the time to complete the following survey - it will take approximately just ten minutes to complete.

IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, has welcomed Government plans to simplify the procurement process to tackle the "endemic" problem of late pay.

Last week IPSE sat down with Leon and Phil, both hosts from Club Workspace Clerkenwell and London Bridge, to ask them a few questions about the logic behind work hubs and also, to show IPSE members how using Club Workspace will have an excellent impact on the advancement of their business.

IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, has welcomed plans by Chancellor, George Osborne to introduce a new tax break for North Sea producers. 
Twitter Chat

Here at IPSE, we’ve decided to get freelancers and independent professionals together and have a juicy natter over Twitter, a

IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, has today welcomed an investigation by the National Audit Office over allegations that Capita breached terms of a government contract and froze out smaller businesses from the procurement process.
IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, has today welcomed the latest ONS Labour Market Statistics, which show the steady rise of self-employment in the UK continues.
Responding to a report this morning on Radio 4’s Today Programme, IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, has said tax collectors are unfairly targeting microbusinesses, while turning a blind eye to avoidance by bigger businesses and the wealthy elite. 
Controversy over the tax arrangements of some HSBC customers has crystallised an emerging media narrative around the unequal playing field that big business and SMEs are operating on.
26/02/2015 16:09
@RichyGray Thanks for the mention Richard!
26/02/2015 11:58
26/02/2015 10:22
Last day for our members to get a @tastecard for just £29.99! http://t.co/KSdNsHvTsn http://t.co/toopPSTzAU
26/02/2015 09:49
@alantucker What's the new business, Alan?
26/02/2015 09:48
RT @BusinessMoney: Self-employment body welcomes simplification of procurement process and action to tackle late pay http://t.co/Urslf7Fmiv
26/02/2015 09:45
@Cheepcheepcopy Thanks for your thoughts. Why do you think @labour will be the largest party? #GE2015
26/02/2015 09:44
26/02/2015 09:44
RT @clubworkspace: @teamIPSE Thanks for posting the link. Having a designated work area certainly helps maintain a good work/life balance! …
26/02/2015 08:45
70 days until the #GeneralElection. What are your predictions? How will the seats be divided? #Freelancer #Contractor
25/02/2015 14:15
Would the effects of #Britain leaving the #EU be good or bad for your business? Let us know your thoughts: http://t.co/7oJoq5H4Vh
25/02/2015 13:03
I'll be 'offline' for the next hour, but will highlight some of the key points shortly after. Thank you to everyone again. #FreelancerLife
25/02/2015 13:02
Thank you to EVERYONE who took part in todays #FreelancerLife chat. Sorry we can't RT everyones answer, but will do a blog later today!
25/02/2015 13:00
@PowPowell Nothing here is too cliché Rachel. Great answer! :)
25/02/2015 12:59
@BethTyrrel Great point Beth!
25/02/2015 12:59
RT @BethTyrrel: @teamIPSE I would say - Are you passionate about what you do? Very self motivated? Resilient? If so then go for it, it's f…
25/02/2015 12:59
@MicalaWilkins Thank you Micala! Yes, I'd like to do a weekly chat :) Your thoughts on topics?
25/02/2015 12:59
25/02/2015 12:58
@WhitePcock @ONS All pushing to be the best they can!
25/02/2015 12:57
@MinxDesigns @BexxHillman @MicalaWilkins @SamOssie Are they fussy on which coffee beans you use? Is it strictly Bolivia's finest roast?
25/02/2015 12:56
25/02/2015 12:56
@Aarticus How long have you been #freelance Ian?
25/02/2015 12:56
@416NOW Thanks! :)
25/02/2015 12:56
@Charterwells Thanks guys!
25/02/2015 12:56
9th question: If you do use work hubs, what do you like about them or if so, why? #coworking #FreelancerLife
25/02/2015 12:55
@MinxDesigns @MicalaWilkins Garden, laptop, sun. OR, traffic, spilt coffee, late for your meeting...I'll leave it there.
25/02/2015 12:55
@Aarticus Haha yes, not the most enjoyable job!
25/02/2015 12:54
@MinxDesigns @ONS Very valid point!
25/02/2015 12:53
@SamOssie Some solid points there Sam!
25/02/2015 12:52
@emmelinedraws Great to hear! :)
25/02/2015 12:51
@MicalaWilkins @BexxHillman @SamOssie STOP!!! I can't deal with this cuteness overload at work.
25/02/2015 12:50
@SamOssie @MicalaWilkins @Greg_Dillon You're always welcome to have a winge to us, if that helps? #everylittle...
25/02/2015 12:50
@Greg_Dillon You build it Greg. Out of dreams, out of determination, but most of all you build it. Because, if you build it....
25/02/2015 12:50
8th question: @ONS stats show that freelance numbers are increasing. What does the future hold for freelancers? #FreelancerLife
25/02/2015 12:48
RT @BexxHillman: @MicalaWilkins @SamOssie @teamIPSE Chuzzles is fabulous, he helps me with tough decisions! #FreelancerLife http://t.co/LT8
25/02/2015 12:48
25/02/2015 12:48
@Aarticus Do you feel a lesson dedicated to such teachings is the next step in education?
25/02/2015 12:47
25/02/2015 12:47
@emmelinedraws How do you benchmark your achievements?
25/02/2015 12:47
@icscontractor Thanks for sharing the question guys!
25/02/2015 12:46
@SamOssie @BexxHillman That's why we're here Sam, that's why. :D #happytohelp
25/02/2015 12:46
@SamOssie Asking for help is a tricky one - so many feel it's a weakness!?
25/02/2015 12:45
@Freelance_Life you become your own boss and you have to own it! #FreelancerLife
25/02/2015 12:45
@SamOssie @BexxHillman Oh, you can spend hours in that...best of luck to you! ;)
25/02/2015 12:44
@MikeBell3D Thanks Mike, and welcome!
25/02/2015 12:44
@co5design @MinxDesigns haha! I used to love the gym off-peak!
25/02/2015 12:43
@JoannaShock Great goal. best of luck to you on that Joanna!