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IPSE announces flexible benefits for the self-employed
IPSE, The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed, has today launched IPSE Futures – the organisation’s very own member benefit scheme designed with the UK’s 4.5million self-employed people in mind.

This is another common issue that people face, heck I even faced it as a freelancer. We all know how easy it is to give advice to a friend or colleague, and how simple it would be to market another product, but that’s because you become the end-user in that situation.

What impact will the general election have on the housing market?

For many women freelancers, trying to juggle work with other commitments is tricky. This is certainly not helped by the raw deal they get in relation to maternity pay.

IPSE Westminster Policy Team Twitter chat, #ipseGE15

On Thursday 30th April, 12-1pm the IPSE Policy team held a Twitter chat around the general election 2015, using the hashtag #ipseGE15 via the @IPSEwestminster Twitter account.

The voting period for the Consultative Council Election is now open - don't miss out on the chance to have your say and ensure your sector is represented!

IPSE has teamed up with leading construction contract and payroll providers Hudson Contract, to represent the growing number of self-employed people working in UK construction.

IPSE's Economic Policy Adviser, Lorence Nye, takes a look at today's GDP figures showing a decline in growth ahead of the election.
IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, has today welcomed the Conservative Party’s commitment to review how the self employed can access maternity pay, pensions and mortgages.

One of the downsides of breaking away from the 9-5 lull is pushing yourself to stay motivated and on top of your work at home. Of course the pile of bills and empty fridge is motivation enough, but sometimes we all need little tips and tricks to get our mind-set and productivity back on track. Here’s a few helping hints on what you can do to kick start your get-up-and-go.

06/05/2015 16:22
Who’s Winning The 2015 General Election On Twitter? Via @SocialBro - http://t.co/6ETDfxddLe #GE2015 http://t.co/piOJleJmnr
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Election 2015: What the parties have planned for #contractors. http://t.co/EkrXSYJ9G9 Via @ContractorCalc #GE2015
06/05/2015 09:42
@charlottemurray @shinythoughts We wish you all the best in your freelancing endeavours. Let me know if there is anything I can help with.
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60% of people want voting reform. http://t.co/df0Z5MLt7z #GE2015 http://t.co/QJ6jCJZXEW
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IPSE backs report criticising #HMRC’s handling of #VATMOSS. http://t.co/kRbfVMaeAi By @JordanIPSE #VATMESS http://t.co/T2dFUwbb3I
04/05/2015 11:00
"If you're going through hell keep going." --Winston Churchill #MondayMotivation http://t.co/zLFcCZtK92
04/05/2015 10:31
#SMEs Urged to Protect Against Currency Shocks Ahead of Election. http://t.co/UxVRwi2YCE #GE2015 http://t.co/d5EzVH8bUM
04/05/2015 09:45
Have you voted? The IPSE Consultative Council Election voting is now open! Help shape IPSE's future: https://t.co/XuLEirqtqu
03/05/2015 16:30
IPSE stands up for small scale supermarket suppliers - http://t.co/n5dGu0FGEl By @AndyIPSE http://t.co/R0MmgJPvk7
03/05/2015 14:25
Voting for the IPSE Consultative Council Election is now open! Help shape IPSE's future: https://t.co/XuLEirqtqu http://t.co/x3qBT0R0gZ
03/05/2015 13:18
Women's #Freelance Network: How to Keep Motivated at Home. http://t.co/fRATApoE88 http://t.co/EarGeAj3Pr
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.@TheIFS finds fault with #economic plans of main parties - http://t.co/XoxKrEa47V By @JordanIPSE #GE2015 http://t.co/d8WFerWeBb
02/05/2015 16:30
02/05/2015 15:26
Please welcome the 'Women's #Freelance Blog' - http://t.co/BJA1jNKEIz http://t.co/ezwUqPPZbv
02/05/2015 14:22
Independent Professional numbers hit 1.88 million. By @SuneetaIPSE . http://t.co/rw2cyidUdt http://t.co/R5djGBXUKN
02/05/2015 13:18
The IPSE Manifesto for Scotland - #Selfemployed challenge Scotland's politicians. http://t.co/Fgx0ZvElJA http://t.co/M85KJWpeEp
02/05/2015 12:31
Are you a #freelancer or #selfemployed? You too can save for the future with IPSE Futures: https://t.co/AnWQIiHg5N http://t.co/Lp6dXITQyu
02/05/2015 12:13
Accountancy Workshop: Making the Most of your Earnings. http://t.co/zWi4vMq7pP By @AskBrookson http://t.co/jH6pK660iV
02/05/2015 10:31
IPSE announces flexible benefits for the #selfemployed: http://t.co/7LWeyDUpXA http://t.co/rOaAHhGC9x
01/05/2015 18:30
Droves of digital firms waiting on #EU #VAT rule exemption. http://t.co/xXpTunW6Qx Via @itcontracting #VATMOSS #VATMESS
01/05/2015 17:26
#Contractor protection ‘time-bomb’ threat grows, create by rapid structural growth. http://t.co/nsB3XI5tW6 Via @ContractorCalc
01/05/2015 16:22
The best cities for #tech #jobs - Forget London! http://t.co/6eswpv5CwP http://t.co/ktkwg3Wcv2
01/05/2015 16:16
01/05/2015 15:27
RT @KingsbridgeProf: @teamIPSE Hi guys, would you mind sharing our latest piece on offset mortgages for #contractors? http://t.co/6rajW396
01/05/2015 15:18
'We sell millions on @Amazon' #entrepreneurs proving it's possible to make good money f/ home http://t.co/fMWPjPsGBJ http://t.co/XjYJnNd4Ds
01/05/2015 14:14
The @IPSEwestminster #ipseGE15 Twitter chat went very well. Thank you to all you joined in. Here's the @Storify - http://t.co/KpRhp0UcVY