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IPSE announces flexible benefits for the self-employed
IPSE, The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed, has today launched IPSE Futures – the organisation’s very own member benefit scheme designed with the UK’s 4.5million self-employed people in mind.

After weeks of promoting, supporting, nail-biting and voting, the results for the Consultative Council Elections 2015 are in.
Thanks to all those who put themselves forward as candidates, and to all those who voted.
The results are as follows:



Plans were announced within the Budget to abolish the personal tax return, with the Chancellor describing it as too ‘complex, costly and time consuming,’ writes  Christopher Oxley, Danbro Group business development accountant.

Lorence Nye, IPSE's Economic Policy Adviser, takes a look at today's inflation figures.
Two in five self-employed people (38%) interested in taking out a mortgage are concerned they’ll never get one because they work independently.
IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, has welcomed the announcement that a Small Business Conciliation Service will be created to tackle late payment.

IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, has today reacted to the Bank of England’s Consumer Price Inflation survey, turned negative in April, falling to -0.1%.

Commenting on the report, Chris Bryce, IPSE Chief Executive, said:

You can now read some of the latest academic research into freelancing and self-employment on IPSE’s member area. New research from leading academics will be published on a regular basis.
Following the announcement of strike action by rail workers, IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, has today called for improved digital infrastructure to manage the disruption for microbusiness owners.
IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, has today reacted to the latest employment statistics from the Office for National Statistics.
Commenting on the figures, Chris Bryce, IPSE Chief Executive, said:
23/05/2015 13:30
Worry less about your future with our very own IPSE Futures. http://t.co/YaDStPmgsR http://t.co/1TiOFiglkH
22/05/2015 16:30
Take some much needed 'me time,' this Bank Holiday weekend. #freelance #selfemployed #work #balance http://t.co/OHVRgk0fGu
22/05/2015 11:00
Are you a member of IPSE? Refer a friend and get a £10 Amazon or ITunes voucher. Big smiles all round! http://t.co/50N5lBS2v6
21/05/2015 17:30
'Advanced CV Writing And LinkedIn Profiles For Newer Contractors' Webinar. 27th May, 2015 at 19:00-20:15. http://t.co/Q6iDZqs4pH
21/05/2015 16:45
'Money is the root of all evil.' Well, it is when you don't know how to manage it. Check out IPSE's Finance guide. http://t.co/5RmjRlysQX
21/05/2015 16:00
21/05/2015 15:41
Check out this interesting report analyzing the role of freelancers in the 21st Century British Economy. http://t.co/NPBamP9Ydo
21/05/2015 14:53
IR35, the godfather of all scary. So make sure you're insured against the cost associated with an investigation. http://t.co/jrNFkFH1uK
21/05/2015 14:21
A freelancers contract is golden. So, what are the key elements that make up a good contract? http://t.co/is2Ur61Cdl http://t.co/SaZdOkqJZq
21/05/2015 12:30
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21/05/2015 11:48
Articles for #freelancers, go-to companies for the important stuff, Government issues that affect you. It's all here. http://t.co/fTIoeKYzfS
21/05/2015 10:38
RT @mcdonnellve: Fantastic turn out and some great questions for the @AskBrookson and @LinesHenryLtd presenters at the @teamIPSE workshop!
21/05/2015 10:32
Here's a few tips on how to find new business leads as a freelancer. (Excuse the Lionel pun) http://t.co/S4rhDKmFM2 http://t.co/exSoSyGxuf
21/05/2015 09:59
Turn your business blog into a sales machine with these marketing tips. http://t.co/r7uI3w8ifu http://t.co/OXjGhFkirr
20/05/2015 20:00
It can sometimes feel that a freelancers work is never done. So take some time out for you. #Freelancing #NightOff http://t.co/WR0Mj7mW3t
20/05/2015 18:30
First impressions count every single day. So make the best impression you can when networking with potential clients. http://t.co/RbRcgFWfOr
20/05/2015 16:30
Fantastic article by Chris Oxley from @DanbroLtd about tackling your tax returns early. Check it out! http://t.co/HyiYUcSGbU
20/05/2015 16:21
Here are five questions to ask — and answer! — before becoming a full-time freelancer. http://t.co/leesVo7COm http://t.co/hnMLCje6Mm
20/05/2015 14:36
We wish VAT DID stand for Vodka & Tonic, but it doesn't. So here's what it actually means. http://t.co/oRXSdRxyKZ http://t.co/OfZdHaPzLM
20/05/2015 14:11
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20/05/2015 10:25
Starting your own business has never been simpler. Check out IPSE's start up guide here: http://t.co/MRn42UnIAn http://t.co/Vc9GQSTeMJ
20/05/2015 10:16
Late payments still a scourge on British small and medium-sized enterprises. Read more here: http://t.co/AhYHB6d0LO http://t.co/b3ie8YnTRD
20/05/2015 09:45
Business greets Sajid Javid pledge to cut red tape with scepticism. Read more here. http://t.co/TAufvPxSTh
20/05/2015 09:17
The stereotypes of coffee-drinking and long lunches couldn't be more wrong: for freelancers, every minute counts. http://t.co/jnonsb6qO9
19/05/2015 16:08
PR: Two in five #selfemployed concerned they’ll never get mortgage http://t.co/DGUqprqtXW http://t.co/JIOzmTDgbc
19/05/2015 12:15
PR: @sajidjavid announces Enterprise Bill - Great news that conciliation service is included http://t.co/I7BMty7Xad
19/05/2015 11:00
PR: IPSE reacts to latest inflation figures http://t.co/1493w2oPHC
18/05/2015 20:00
Laptop down, kettle on, feet up. Enjoy your Monday night. http://t.co/Xfr6HrDGb5
18/05/2015 18:00
Come along to "Accountancy & Insolvency- Making The Most Of Your Earnings." 20th May from 6-8pm. Be there be square. http://t.co/K96oEnqa2b
18/05/2015 16:43
"Oxford-the historical city entering the digital age." IPSE's @benedictmsmith & Digital Oxford talk all things tech. .http://t.co/9maDb9OVgT
18/05/2015 16:22
Just take the leap and just lead yourself. #Freelance #SelfEmployed #Independent #Professional http://t.co/L1DkUHckSq
18/05/2015 15:33
As a #freelancer we understand the importance of saving for your future. So check out our excellent #pension #scheme. http://t.co/U31A766vOS
18/05/2015 13:55
Tomorrow, IPSE will be at @clubworkspace in London Bridge all-day talking to some members. Why not pop in & say hi?http://t.co/Kw17YxJFDV
18/05/2015 12:45
But what's life without a little oomph, eh? #Freelancing #Success #SelfEmployed #Life #Goals #Ambition http://t.co/v5u7gyOCJv
18/05/2015 12:07
Aside from this predicament, we've got all your questions on being your #own #boss covered. http://t.co/MRn42UnIAn http://t.co/j6OU6PNk7o
18/05/2015 11:31
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18/05/2015 11:13
"12 Problems Freelancers Face & How To Solve Them." Do you agree with this? Tweet us your thoughts. #freelanceissues http://t.co/Yz5KNpHMzg
18/05/2015 11:00
"Successful entrepreneurs are givers and not takers of positive energy." --Anonymous #MondayMotivation http://t.co/LUwjhJXIHs
18/05/2015 10:26
"Shared spaces that make costly premises and tools affordable." Find out more here: http://t.co/Ah0A7iOmxb http://t.co/Wghd8sr1sU
17/05/2015 18:00
From VAT to handling your workload, going it alone can get tricky. So download IPSE's Guide To Freelancing today. https://t.co/0CjoJwSDiK.
17/05/2015 15:30
Recognize your excellence & enter IPSE's Freelancer Awards to become one of the UK’s best independent professionals. http://t.co/U3G5gwcmfa
17/05/2015 13:00
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17/05/2015 09:22
Fed up spending 9 to 5 in a stuffy office, Anna Hart packed her Mac and began extreme remote working - in Bali! http://t.co/LgpeHihBzi
16/05/2015 15:00
We've all been there, God love 'em. So what's the funniest thing a clients ever said to you?http://t.co/PfqwPj7kkX http://t.co/gvFQuhGT16
16/05/2015 12:30
Spend your Saturday lunchtime checking out five of the newest and deemed best cafes in London, according to the FT. http://t.co/CBm4zEfxm7