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IPSE’s Policy and External Affairs Adviser, Jordan Marshall, emphasises the need to eradicate late payment.

Having just celebrated New Year contractors’ are reminded that another New Year is just around the corner. 6 April 2015 welcomes in the 2015/2016 ta

New research published today shows freelancers are cautiously optimistic about the year ahead, believing the number of contracts available will grow, but revenue will remain the same. 
Things are moving fast in Greece.
We all knew the Scottish question wouldn’t be settled by a ‘No’ vote in September last year, and a resurgent SNP is certainly flexing its muscles in a bid for greater powers in Holyrood, writes Jordan Marshall, Policy and External Affairs Adviser at IPSE.

When it comes to finances, we all like to know how much money we have, where it’s being invested and that it’s being kept safe.

Often overlooked, one of the toughest tasks you face being self-employed is structuring your finances, writes Christopher Oxley, business

Following Government proposals to increase court fees for small businesses chasing late payment, IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, has said a small business conciliation service is more important than ever to help microbusinesses avoid lengthy and costly
According to IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, the latest ONS Labour Market Statistics show self-employment is “here to stay” and argues the UK’s smallest businesses should be at the top of the political agenda.
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'#Freelancers are 'cautiously optimistic' about the future' via @Shout99Ltd http://t.co/hYHMO3ZBzi
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RT @robdgill: More and more enquiries from contractors and the self-employed. Very glad of our affiliate status with @teamIPSE
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RT @CXCGlobal: IT and Engineering Contractor Opportunities Grow As Skills Shortages Worsen http://t.co/z2zNzvpkN5 via @teamIPSE @CXCGlobalUK
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RT @itcontracting: Contractors' prospects set to plateau in 2015 http://t.co/sUeKB89Ubj @teamIPSE
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'(IPSE) Research shows #freelancers cautiously optimistic about 2015 prospects' via @RecruitmentIntl http://t.co/TcgCntMQSA
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'Increase in freelancing work predicted for 2015 yet freelancers remain only partly optimistic' via @is4profit http://t.co/M6N6rJUyIZ
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'Contractors' prospects set to plateau in 2015' via @itcontracting http://t.co/etIm9aq84b
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Contracting: should you go direct, or through a recruitment agency? What are your thoughts? via @TeamCrunch http://t.co/40MtQO7yP4
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'Freelancers’ prospects set to plateau in 2015' via Freelance UK http://t.co/GoTRb7FAcn
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'(IPSE) Research reveals UK #freelancers cautiously confident about 2015 business prospects' via @startupstowers http://t.co/G9jPSUbquJ
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Listen to our CEO @cjbryce's interview with @cummingsradio on BBC Gloucestershire. Listen now: http://t.co/zUmeoiCKXv #selfemployed
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The office #GeneralElection predictions are in. Lots of debate between the team and there can only be one winner. (probably me! - Jamie)
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'Contracting skills shortages worsen, as IT and engineering opportunities grow' via @ContractorCalc http://t.co/acPm01TKCk
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Our CEO @cjbryce was interviewed by @cummingsradio BBC Gloucestershire this morning about #Freelancing. Listen now: http://t.co/zUmeoiCKXv
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