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IPSE provides its members with a range of essential insurances to give you peace of mind as you run your business, knowing you are covered by IPSE.  As a member you also get access to IPSE's dedicated pension and life assurance, so you know your and your family's future are protected.

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Tax Investigation Cover

A specialist to represent you in all HMRC compliance checks at no cost  

For IPSE Standard members we will provide a specialist to deal with your tax investigation should there be a dispute with HMRC. The specialist will handle all correspondence with HMRC at no cost to you.

For Plus members only the entire HMRC compliance check is handled, this is from the first letter landing on your door right through to tribunal, if necessary. Many investigations can be stopped before they have the chance to begin, IPSE will draft a response to the initial notification from HMRC removing the stress and minimising the risk of responding incorrectly. If HRMC want to proceed with the check IPSE will represent you at no cost, the Arctic case amongst others demonstrates our commitment to supporting members who are genuinely self-employed. We will be by your side the whole way.

Up to £500 per day compensation for tax compliance meetings  

If you are unable to work whilst on contract due to a tax compliance meeting IPSE will compensate you up to £500 based on your day rate as per your current contract.

For all IPSE insurances, please read our T&C's.


Self-employed covered



Business Interruption Insurances



Up to £10,000 compensation if an end client, agency or umbrella company goes bankrupt or goes in to administration  

If an end client or agency goes into administration without paying your outstanding invoices we will compensate up to £10,000 and up to £2,500 if your umbrella company goes bankrupt or into administration.

Up to £5,000 compensation for jury service  

If you are working on a contract and get called up for jury service IPSE will compensate based on your day rate as per the contract up to £5,000. If your affected engagement is completed via an umbrella company, you can be compensated up to £2,500.


Up to £2,000 compensation if you are ill/injured for 3 weeks  

If you are ill or injured for 3 or more weeks IPSE will compensate you up to £2,000 based on your day rate as per your current contract, including contracts through an umbrella company.

Up to £1,000 compensation if an agency breaks its contract  

If an agency does not meet the terms of the contract that is in place IPSE will compensate you up to £1,000 based on your day rate as per your current contract.  This does not apply to umbrella company arrangements.

For all IPSE insurances, please read our T&C's.




Discounted Business Insurance

IPSE have partnered with Markel Direct, a specialist insurer of contractors, freelancers, self-employed professionals and micro-businesses to offer a 10% discount on contractor insurance to IPSE members, including professional indemnity, public liability, employers’ liability and more.

Fast, easy online quote
Markel’s hassle-free website offers instant cover online in a matter of minutes

Instant documents
Policy documents are emailed instantly when you arrange cover, so you can prove to your client you are insured straight away

No hidden fees or cancellation charges
There are no hidden administration charges to make a change to your policy or cancel mid-term


IPSE Group Pension Scheme

With longevity increasing and retirement potentially lasting for many years, it’s important that if you’re self-employed you start preparing now in order to get the retirement you want.

With your financial wellbeing in mind, we’ve partnered with Aegon to provide members with an IPSE pension scheme.

With a negotiated charge of only 0.23% (inclusive of administration and investment charges) our pension gives you the opportunity to save securely at far lower rates than you would pay with similar schemes.

For more information, pelase visit our pension documentation page or read our T&C's.


Life Assurance

IPSE plus members receive £5,000 life assurance as standard, once activated you can choose to increase this up to £250,000 at a discounted rate. This serves as not only your life assurance but also as your death-in-service benefit.

Members who would like a greater level of cover will only be charged for the portion of cover over £5,000 (e.g. if you select £205,000, you will be charged for £200,000 of cover). All IPSE members can benefit from Life Assurance at a heavily discounted rate compared to the retail market through Legal & General. Prices start from just £2.80 a month.

For more information see our Life Assurance overview or read our T&C's.


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