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Join us on the 6th November for the next episode of IPSE Live where our panel of experts will discuss a growing facet of the self-employed, those aged over 65.
In an ideal world, IR35 would cease to exist, or, perhaps more sensibly, would have never been created in the first place. Sadly, the reality is that IR35 is here and, for the time being at least, independent professionals should continue to be aware of it.
This week’s news surprised nobody: the Business Entity Tests (BETs) are to be scrapped, with effect from 6 April 2015.
It’s been a busy time for the European Forum for Independent Professionals (EFIP).
Following a call from government for input into the Chancellor’s December Autumn Statement, IPSE, the association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, has submitted a list of key policy proposals designed to facilitate better support for independent professionals working in the U
Jordan Marshall, Policy and External Affairs Advisor at IPSE, takes a look at the problem of late payment which has been dominating the political agenda in recent weeks.
IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, has welcomed the announcement that big businesses have committed to tackle late payment but says the move must be met with concrete action.
With the UK's self-employment army growing by the day, this year's National Freelancers Day will be bigger than ever before in celebrating and acclaiming enterprising individuals across the United Kingdom.
HMRC has announced that it will be withdrawing the 'Business Entity Tests' (BETs) from April next year.

The initial excitement of moving house can become somewhat overshadowed if your home is also your business address, writes Rachel Bridge.

31/10/2014 15:30
RT @CelebrateNFD: Have you seen who is celebrating #NFD2014 with us yet? http://t.co/9B0dYxKbsa
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.#IPSELive returns next week looking at over 65s in self-employment. More info here http://t.co/YZikSZQsTb
31/10/2014 09:19
RT @Freelance_Life: Really nice to meet such a lovely bunch of ladies at tonight's @teamIPSE freelance women networking event!
30/10/2014 16:11
News: IPSE's tips and advice on protecting yourself from IR35 http://t.co/vVquoGopEh
30/10/2014 15:09
@veritypabla Members and non-members are equally welcome - Hope to see you there!
30/10/2014 12:48
Blog: All BETs are off http://t.co/qB8QFkaiYe
30/10/2014 11:30
Blog: @Efipupdate has been working hard for ipros in Europe http://t.co/fCIYlrWwhC
30/10/2014 11:14
RT @ContractorCalc: IPSE wants the Autumn Statement to demonstrate that the government is serious about contractors http://t.co/SIkunSy7NC
30/10/2014 10:18
Press release: IPSE seeks policies for self-employed in Chancellor's Autumn Statement http://t.co/9iwwybQ22R
30/10/2014 09:44
Tonight is our women in #freelancing networking event. Book your place here http://t.co/1APu94XlvG #WFN2014
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RT @AskBrookson: Guests revealed for National Freelancers Day event #NFD2014 @KingsbridgeProf @TeamIPSE http://t.co/JY7tXjAdOb
29/10/2014 15:21
Blog: Time to pay the price for late payment http://t.co/m1YKGsDcYA
29/10/2014 12:32
Press release: Concrete action only way to tackle late pay http://t.co/yTyDi7QYMc
29/10/2014 10:52
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This Thursday is our women in #freelancing network event. Book your tickets here http://t.co/v5gr9xAsFI #WFN2014
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IPSE's economic adviser @meaganIPSE gives her economic outlook for October http://t.co/sFsDHlTtES
28/10/2014 10:47
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Our women in #freelancing event is this Thursday! More info here http://t.co/BKgNXDFBz5 #WFN2014
27/10/2014 10:30
Press release: Flawed HMRC tests finally scrapped http://t.co/jsYpPqscxG
27/10/2014 09:34
RT @WEScotland: How to write a high-impact CV for the Contract / Interim market with @teamIPSE http://t.co/2y4YT9tRcO #WESinspires
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Judges have selected @15for15 winners! Book your tickets for @CelebrateNFD to hear the winners announced live http://t.co/rk79jAihwF
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Our expert panel of judges has arrived to decide the winners of our @15for15 #freelance competition!
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@grizzlybaz Hi Baz - New membership cards are being worked on and will be released sometime in the near future
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#NFD2014 will be celebrating with events in London, Manchester & Edinburgh on 19 November. Join an event near you! http://t.co/dHnftNFk5I
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Our Manchester freelancer Moneybox event is this Thursday! Get your free tickets here http://t.co/dq2SWW80ia
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Blog: Award winning illustrator @emmelinedraws gives her tips for stress free self-employment http://t.co/djn1RsIWV9
21/10/2014 11:58
RT @itcontracting: Security Clearance Code of Practice is a welcome step - @JordanIPSE of @teamIPSE discusses http://t.co/etCK8gvTjW
21/10/2014 10:54
RT @CelebrateNFD: #NFD2014 is nearly here! Who has signed up to a National #Freelancers Day event on 19 November? http://t.co/Kkj4iNKalR