IPSE questions HMRC’s IR35 forum minutes


IPSE has today responded to HMRC’s IR35 forum minutes, which failed to accurately detail a number of significant concerns that were raised about the legislation in the public sector.

James Collings, IPSE Chairman, commented: “The IR35 forum is supposed to advise on IR35 issues in a transparent manner. IPSE takes part in the forum in good faith, as do all the other stakeholders. However, the recent minutes do not accurately reflect the frank discussions at the July meeting and I have today expressed my concern about this to HMRC.

“In the meeting, myself and other stakeholders raised serious concerns about the significant failings of, and damage created by, the rollout of IR35 changes in the public sector. However, these conversations were not captured in the official minutes, which were published without forum members being informed.

“You would be forgiven for thinking that no public sector organisations have faced contractors walking out, and the subsequent delay of crucial projects at all. The reforms have, in fact, caused many contractors to turn their backs on the public sector entirely, and HMRC must be honest about the problems associated with this complex and onerous legislation.”

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James Collings