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IPSE: “Government is making it almost impossible to work as a freelancer”

IPSE responds to the government announcement that it will be raising both dividend and National Insurance taxes.

IPSE: warning as Universal Credit changes set to hit hundreds of thousands of self-employed from Sunday

IPSE warns that at least 200,000 self-employed could be affected by changes to Universal Credit, ahead of the government's reinstatement of the Minimum Income Floor (MIF) this Sunday.

IPSE: “Narrow” self-isolation exemptions list “leaves freelancers in the lurch again”

IPSE warns that the Government's "narrow" self-isolation exemption list leaves freelancers "in the lurch" and that for many self-employed people, being told to isolate can be a "financial catastrophe".

Expected re-opening “huge relief” for creative and events freelancers, but IPSE warns Government involvement “must not end here”

IPSE says expected re-opening of the economy is a "huge relief" for many self-employed people, but government involvement "must not end here".

IPSE: “Hidden cost of the pandemic”: 200 per cent increase in freelancers with mental health problems in the last year

New IPSE research shows a shocking increase in mental health issues among freelancers because of the financial impact of the pandemic.

On National Freelancers Day, IPSE warns of “financially scarred sector” that will need a “shot in the arm” to get back on its feet

On National Freelancers Day 2021, IPSE warns the freelance sector is "financially scarred" and is calling for a stimulus package to get it back on its feet.

IPSE: Data shows “clear and welcome signs” easing of lockdown so far is stabilising self-employed numbers

IPSE welcomes data showing a second consecutive month of growth in self-employed numbers.