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IPSE: HMRC’s defeat in ITV Helen Fospero IR35 case “raises concerns about its credibility”

IPSE's response to HMRC's latest IR35 defeat - by ITV presenter Helen Fospero.

IPSE: Lloyds IR35 decision is “bad for contractors and bad for business”

IPSE's response to Lloyds bank's decision to stop engaging personal service company contractors.

IPSE: End of Barclays contracting is “a taste of the IR35 chaos to come”

IPSE's response to the announcement that Barclays is not renewing off-payroll contracts because of the impending IR35 reforms.

IPSE: Latest IR35 BBC presenter judgement shows the “chaos” around the legislation

The latest - split - IR35 ruling against three BBC presenters shows just how chaotic and damaging the legislation is, IPSE warns.

IPSE: Government’s Loan Charge review is a step in the right direction

IPSE welcomes the new review into the Loan Charge, but warns it must be rigorous and get to the root of the matter.

The aggressive HMRC letters to GSK contractors – IPSE explainer

IPSE's statement on the HMRC letters sent to contractors for GSK.

GSK contractor confusion is only a taste of things to come, IPSE warns

IPSE responds to HMRC letters sent to GSK contractors, warning that this confusion is only a taste of things to come next April.

IPSE: British innovation under threat from new tax rules

The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed (IPSE) warns today that the proposed changes to off-payroll tax rules in the draft finance bill could seriously damage British innovation while creating a form of second-class employment.