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IPSE research: “pay as you go” tax would leave freelancers struggling with cashflow and heavy admin burden

IPSE says that proposals for freelancers to be taxed on a "pay as you go" basis are "more hassle than it's worth" and could "leave many out of pocket".

CEO update June 2021: Opening the economy, regulating umbrellas, NFD, the IPSE community and more

IPSE CEO Derek Cribb explains IPSE's policies on umbrella companies, debt, opening up the economy and building the IPSE community.

IPSE: “Doubly disappointing” government response to Loan Charge scandal

IPSE says government's slow response to Loan Charge refund requests is 'doubly disappointing'.

IPSE: IR35 changes undermine self-employed at “worst possible time”

IPSE responds to the launch of the changes to IR35, warning they will do severe damage to an already undermined freelance sector.

CEO update April: IR35 changes, fighting for a fair tax system, a new self-employed advice section and more

In the latest CEO update for April, Derek Cribb reveals how our brand-new advice and support pages will support members after the IR35 changes.

IPSE: “unanswered questions” about government proposal for rolling in-year self-employed tax system

IPSE responds to government's proposed pay-as-you-go tax system for the self-employed.

IPSE research: Half of freelancers planning to stop contracting in the UK after IR35 reforms

IPSE research shows the impact the IR35 changes will have on top of the financial damage of the pandemic.

Ahead of Budget, IPSE warns the self-employed “badly need support” not a “crippling” tax raid

Before the Budget, IPSE presses government to support the self-employed and delay the changes to IR35.