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Cashplus joins as sponsor of National Freelancers Day 2019

Specialist payment and banking provider Cashplus has joined as sponsor of National Freelancers Day 2019, IPSE has announced.

IPSE: 320,000 people ‘have a second self-employed job’

Figures published today by IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed, show that 320,000 people have a so-called ‘side hustle’ – a second self-employed job.

Women turning to self-employment for better pay and working conditions

The number of women turning to self-employment has risen by 57 per cent since 2008, a new report by IPSE (the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed) has found.

IPSE backs BEIS call for Small Business Commissioner to fine late payers

IPSE welcomes the Business, Energy and Industrial Select Committee’s (BEIS) call to allow the Small Business Commissioner to fine companies who pay freelancers late.

Self-employed breathe sigh of relief after Universal Credit delay: IPSE  

The Government must use the delay in the roll-out of Universal Credit to fix these flaws which punish the self-employed.

IPSE ‘cautiously supportive’ of Government’s gig reforms

For most people gig work is good work, and the Government must ensure it doesn’t legislate people out of self-employment against their will.

Growth in self-employment driven by highly skilled freelancers not the gig economy, IPSE report shows

Growth of highly skilled freelancers is outstripping overall self-employment growth.

IPSE hails continued labour market strength

IPSE welcomes newly released employment statistics which show self-employment central to continued strength of the UK labour market.