New PM’s plans for worker rights overhaul to “make or break” self-employment, says IPSE

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Reacting to the election of a Labour government, IPSE – the self-employed association – congratulated the new Prime Minister and urged him to make the most of plans to overhaul worker rights by updating rules on self-employment too.

IPSE’s policy director Andy Chamberlain said: “Congratulations to Sir Kier Starmer. His campaign recognised the urgent need to drag our labour laws into the 21st century. This work doesn’t just matter to workers and bosses, but also the millions of people who are their own boss – the self-employed.

“Our outdated employment laws mean that whilst bogus self-employment impacts vulnerable workers, other genuinely self-employed people face an uphill struggle to prove that they’re ‘in business’.

“Like him, we’re eager for this work to start within the first 100 days of his government, and we look forward to working with the new government to help get this legislation right. By overhauling our employment rules, the Prime Minister could make or break the fortunes of the self-employed sector.”

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Today, one in every 13 workers in the UK are self-employed. We’re calling on our political parties to make the self-employed a policymaking priority, unlocking the full potential of this dynamic part of our economy.

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