Election 2024: Mend trust between taxman and the self-employed, parties told

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The next government should take more responsibility for HMRC’s actions to boost trust with the self-employed, the UK’s freelancer trade body has suggested.

The call comes as IPSE (the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed) launched its manifesto for the self-employed today, ahead of the General Election on 4th July.

Under the proposal, a Cabinet minister would be charged with directly overseeing the tax office. Taxpayers would also be offered more recourse when the department has acted carelessly or unfairly.

The call is being backed by broadcaster and Loose Women presenter Kaye Adams, following her decade-long tax dispute with HMRC, which she successfully defended.

The manifesto also calls for an end to shortfalls in support for self-employed parents and better incentives for people to adopt side hustles.


Derek Cribb, IPSE’s CEO, said: “The self-employed vote is very much up for grabs at this election – more than at any election in living memory.

“The sector is bursting with potential to get more people working, plug skills gaps and grow the economy. But this potential is being squandered by the devastating impact of late payments, careless tax enforcement, and a lack of proactive policymaking catered to the millions of people who work for themselves.

“At this election, the party that fully embraces the self-employed stands to gain their support. The proposals in our manifesto offers the parties the chance to do just that.


Kaye Adams, Broadcaster and Presenter, said: “It is no exaggeration to say that my ten year ordeal at the hands of HMRC has destroyed my faith in the integrity of government institutions.

“To have been pursued for ten years, at enormous personal and financial cost, and then win my case at a fourth hearing, only to receive a one line email informing me HMRC had decided ‘not to pursue it’ felt like a huge kick in the teeth. No-one disagrees that HMRC have a duty to collect the ‘correct’ amount of tax but it also has a duty to behave in a ‘correct‘ manner.

“IPSE’s call for stronger oversight and a genuine reassessment of how HMRC operates is the right way forward. How can we expect freelancers to succeed if the taxman can roll the dice on their future with impunity?”


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