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New commissioner must tackle businesses that don’t pay

IPSE welcomes the appointment of a Small Business Commissioner and calls on him to fight for the self-employed.

Interview: Katy Carlisle

Website designer Katy Carlisle shares all the financial advice she has learnt since embarking on her freelance journey four years ago.

IPSE responds to Jeremy Corbyn's proposed National Education Service

IPSE responds to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s Conference speech, in which he outlined plans to help deal with the evolving nature of work.

Rumoured changes to public sector rules for contractors short sighted

IPSE has branded rumoured changes to how the public sector uses ‘personal service companies’ short sighted.

Small Business Commissioner tasked with eradicating late payment

In the wake of Carillion's demise, Jordan Marshall discusses both the challenges and opportunities facing the new Small Business Commissioner.

Why your website design might be costing you money

IPSE's Olaitan Ajimobi discusses the importance of optimising your website for mobile.

IPSE welcomes clampdown on late payment, the ‘scourge of the self-employed’

IPSE welcomes the government's call for evidence on ways to tackle poor payment culture for small businesses and the self-employed.