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Why the self-employed population could be more buoyant than we thought

IPSE's Joshua Toovey looks at how recently published Census data changes our understanding of the size and significance of the self-employed sector.

Things you should know as a self-employed company director

It’s crucial to educate yourself about your new role and the responsibilities that it brings to ensure you don’t make any mistakes that might cost you or your business money.

Revised MTD timetable renews hopes of exemption for fledgling freelancers

IPSE's Fred Hicks considers what the latest changes to MTD for ITSA's timetable suggest about the future direction of the policy.

Is the UK’s self-employed population set for an influx of employees?

IPSE's Joshua Toovey outlines how new research by IPSE and Workwell indicates a growing desire of employees to become self-employed and reviews what the Chancellor should do to embrace this cohort.

November’s Member Meet-Up: Reviewing the impact of IR35 changes

In our latest IPSE Member Meet-Up on the impact of IR35 changes in the private sector, members reflected on IPSE’s latest research into the impact of IR35 and shared how the changes are impacting on their freelance businesses.

How small business owners can minimise the risk of liability claims

In this article, we look at why it is vital to show diligence in how you can minimise the risk of claims being made against you, and how you can protect your business in the event of a claim.

IR35 draft is as bad as expected – but there’s still hope

IPSE's Andy Chamberlain on what the IR35 draft legislation published today will mean for the self-employed