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How freelancers respond to an uncertain economy: A longitudinal report on seven years of IPSE FCI data

This longitudinal report is the culmination of seven years’ worth of Confidence Index research and analysis. For the first time, we are able to look back and examine the trends. We can see the effect that political decisions and macro-economic variables have had on freelancers’ confidence and understand the impact of these factors by setting them in the wider context over a longer period of time.

IPSE Report: The impact of the coronavirus crisis on freelancers’ mental health

IPSE conducted a bespoke piece of research to find out how self-employment affects mental health, how the mental health of freelancers has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, what measures have been taken to maintain positive mental health and what more freelancers need to support their mental health.

Covid-19 Report 2020

This new report by the University of Edinburgh Business School in association with IPSE examines the impact of coronavirus on some of the UK’s highly skilled freelancers. It shines a light on the groups that have been left out of government support measures and highlights the devastating effects that this lack of support is having on their businesses, personal finances and home-life.

IPSE Freelancer Confidence Index Q1 2020

The first quarter (Q1) of 2020 has proven to be very tough for freelancers as they have experienced a 17 per cent decline in income comprised of both a fall in their day rates and the volume of business undertaken. Day rates have declined by 15 per cent from £474 to £405 while spare capacity has risen by four percentage points from 21 per cent to 25 percent.

IPSE's Coronavirus Report

In this report we highlight how the Coronavirus crisis is affecting the self-employed and if what the Government is doing is enough. With key stats and findings it's not to be missed.

IPSE Report: Women in Self-Employment

This report explores the perceptions, attitudes and concerns of self-employed women, as well as their experiences in self-employment.

IR35 in the Private Sector Results

IPSE's survey showing the damage the changes to IR35 will do to contractors, clients and the economy.

IPSE's Freelancer Confidence Index Q4 2019

The survey measures overall trends in the market for freelancers in order to identify inflationary pressures, business confidence, and an overview of freelancers’ perception of general economic conditions for Q4 of 2019.