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HMRC lose yet another IR35 case to BBC and Loose Women star

IPSE has warned that HMRC’s tax case defeat by Kaye Adams shows it does not understand its own IR35 legislation.  

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Andy Chamberlain, IPSE’s Deputy Director of Policy, commented: “BBC and Loose Women star Kaye Adams’s victory is yet another example of HMRC’s complete failure to understand its own labyrinthine self-employed tax laws.

“This is the fifth of six IR35 cases HMRC has lost since it made its disastrous changes to IR35 in the public sector in 2017.

“This should be a loud warning bell to the government not to extend the hugely damaging changes to IR35 to the private sector next April. When HMRC clearly cannot understand these tax laws, how can they possibly expect businesses across the UK to?

“The self-employed sector is one of the UK economy’s most valuable assets, contributing £275bn every year. Now of all times, the government must protect this dynamic and productive sector, not stifle it with tangled and ill-conceived regulations.”

Link to Kaye Adams tribunal judgement.

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