Five reasons to work abroad

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The idea of working abroad has many appeals, and with fewer restrictions on when, where and how we work, it is an increasingly popular career move for many freelancers. There are, challenges, however, and concerns such as job security and family commitments can make it a tough decision to justify.

According to IPSE research, around nine per cent of freelancers have worked on a contract or project overseas in the last 12 months, spending an average of 30 per cent of their time working abroad. So why are more and more freelancers embracing this flexible working lifestyle and choosing to work abroad?

Better work opportunities

Apart from the fact that some global clients could require your services abroad, working abroad is likely to present you with greater opportunities. Our survey revealed that around 42 per cent of the turnover generated by these freelancers came from working overseas. Not bad!

Higher rates

According to the freelancers surveyed, there is greater demand for work overseas and this means they are able to charge a higher rate. For some, this is ample motivation to move. If that is you, just ensure you familiarise yourself with local business rates, working practices, culture and language.

Travel and adventure

Before you even consider the increased opportunities and higher earnings, working abroad presents a major perk in itself: the opportunity to visit new places. So for the more adventurous freelancer, this certainly would be something to consider.


Being exposed to a new society, culture and environment provides a unique perspective and a broader range of experiences to add to your personal and professional arsenal. This could help you not only develop your interpersonal skills but also your ability to adapt to diverse clients and business situations.

Building and maintaining relationships

Not only does freelancing abroad help you form international relationships but it can also be an opportunity for you to enhance the virtual relationships you currently have. Freelance platforms such as PPH (PeoplePerHour) and social media are a great way to connect with a more diverse range of clients in other countries, but nothing creates a stronger bond than meeting a client face-to-face.

No matter your motivation – whether it is for commercial reasons or for personal or leisure purposes – working abroad is certainly something worth considering. To make it easier for freelancers to settle down and get familiar with their new environment, IPSE has partnered with language learning provider, busuu.

Through busuu’s effective platform, you can learn a new language within 22 hours. You can even practice your language skills directly with native speakers and learn to speak like a local. IPSE members are provided a 20 per cent discount to access busuu premium, you can find out more details here.

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