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IPSE gets new exclusive deal for members with QDooz

IPSE announces new deal for members with soft skills development provider QDooz.

IPSE: Remote working boosts self-employed flexibility and productivity

IPSE's new report explores the benefits of remote working and how policymakers can improve opportunities for the self-employed.

IPSE: late payment is “scourge of self-employed” across the UK

IPSE has warned that late payments and unpaid work are a serious problem for freelancers and the self-employed across the UK.

No-deal Brexit: how it could affect you

IPSE's guide to how a no-deal exit from the European Union would be likely to affect the UK's freelancers and self-employed.

New Year, New Me

Set yourself a realistic new year's resolution that you can keep.

IPSE begins search to crown UK’s best freelancers

IPSE has begun the search for the UK’s best and brightest freelancers with applications now open for the 2019 Freelancer of the Year Awards.

Stop Scrooging the self-employed and end late payment, says IPSE

The practice of larger companies to build late payment practices into their business models is a disgrace, says IPSE and a group of MPs

Cyber threats: why freelancers need to stay vigilant

Cybercrime in the 21st century and why freelancers need to stay vigilant.