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Portfolio Review Workshop: Experience Haus x UnderPinned

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Freelance Platform UnderPinned have teamed up with Experience Haus to bring you a team of experts who will give you personal advice on how to improve your portfolio.


How will this Workshop help me?

Your portfolio plays a huge part in finding work and clients. You will:

  • Find out what you should include
  • Learn tips and tricks for standing out
  • See examples of great portfolios
  • Receive career advice from our experts


What do I bring?

Each attendee should bring their current portfolio along, which will be reviewed one on one by a member of the UX and Design team at Experience HausMatter of Form or UnderPinned.


About UnderPinned

UnderPinned is a one-stop career management platform every freelancer, and client hiring freelancers, needs. From setting up and finding work to taking care of project management, billing, and managing finances, we are building the infrastructure for the future of work.

Every week, UnderPinned throw free London-based event for freelancers, solopreneurs and anyone who’s embarking on an independent professional journey, looking for career advice, a support network or to meet like-minded individuals.


About Experience Haus

Dedicated to delivering affordable education and spaces for self-improvement. Experience Haus provides applied learning courses for organisations and individuals covering an abundance of different digital expertise.

In the wake of expensive living costs, low-cost education is essential. Experience Haus offers practitioner-taught technical skills training for high demand disciplines such as Influencer Marketing, Product and UX Design and User Research. Crucially, the company goes above and beyond the purely technical and helps uncover the black holes in business.

The company’s offering of events, part-time courses (pairing students with start-ups) and hands-on workshops intends to bridge the gap between economical and accessible learning for the curious. Experience Haus is proudly part of the Matter Of Form Group.


Who will be tutoring me?

Albert de Symons Azis -Clauson, Co-Founder & CEO of UnderPinned

Albert is the passion and vision behind UnderPinned, as well as a seasoned Chief Exec and business development specialist with a passion for the arts, tech, and freelance sectors. Albert is all about delivery and is consistent in delivering operational efficiency, motivation, and keeping the whole ship steered in the right direction. With a long history of leadership, Albert’s charisma and work ethic has brought together a team to deliver the future of freelancing.

Clients include: Pagefield, OTHER Syndicate, Think Publishing, House of Wonders


Jack Williams, Co-Founder & Creative Director of UnderPinned

Jack is a seasoned creative and editor/writer, with experience from brands such as HarperCollins, The Week and Intern Mag. He is also a dynamic team leader, and has a wealth of familiarity as a founder of multiple publications and businesses. As a co-founder of UnderPinned, Jack is here to keep his finger on the pulse and make sure the company is on point with its magazine and culture. Building a community is about consistently producing relevant engaging content, and Jack is the man to deliver.

Clients include: The Week, 4th Estate (Harper Collins), Hachette Livre, OTHER Syndicate


Lea Bernetic, Head of Marketing at UnderPinned

Lea is all about building and delivering a brand that sticks. With a proven track record with top brands, Lea knows how to go from idea to delivery, maximising reach and engagement while working within tight time constraints. Lea is a specialist in brand development and analytical evidence-based marketing who has also worked as a freelance marketeer with a plethora of start-ups and community companies. Lea is led by her passion to give back by empowering the next generation of creative entrepreneurs. She is also a guest lecturer at the University for the Creative Arts.

Clients include: Flint Global, greyparrot AI, The Grooming Company, Ralph Lauren

Aeffe Group, CondeNast, UCA


Louis Morgan, Head of Product at UnderPinned

Louis is an award winning developer who has worked on a vast array of different web projects, from personal sites to 6 figure sites, and has a wide knowledge of user interface design as well as user experience. With a degree in graphic design matched with his coding experience, he manages end-to-end delivery of product. Louis is highly motivated and moved from Chester to work for UnderPinned after experiencing many of the problems as a freelancer himself.

Clients include: Halton Housing, Neville Johnson, Tom Howley, Raleigh bikes, Clicky Media, NHS, British Transport Police


Julia Bancilhon, Head of Design at UnderPinned

Julia is an artist and graphic designer specialized in developing innovative designs and themed campaigns for young and established brands. From making sure the UI is smooth, clean, and enjoyable to interact with, to delivering eye catching campaigns and a brand that is an asset in and of itself, Julia is integral to building UnderPinned for the freelance community who are highly critical of form and aesthetic.

Clients include: LIVE Nation, Wilderness Festival, The Great Escape Festival, Lovebox Festival, Champagne Virginie T, Sharingtones Record, Mediaschool Group


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