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Latest twist in Uber saga shows outdated employment statuses not working

IPSE has warned that today’s Court of Appeal ruling on the worker status of two Uber drivers shows the UK’s employment status system is not working.




Andrew Chamberlain, IPSE’s Deputy Director of Policy, commented: “The first thing to remember is this wasn’t a ruling on all self-employment or even the rest of the gig economy. This was about two drivers in particular circumstances.“

"The fact is most people in self-employment and the gig economy enjoy their flexibility and are happy with their status.

“What this latest twist in the Uber saga does show, however, is just how complex this area is, and how much it takes to prove who is and isn’t self-employed.

“Self-employment is dynamic, always changing and very diverse. This case is only the latest example of how our creaking, outdated employment statuses simply aren’t keeping up.

“To clear the confusion of the gig economy and help more people work how they want – in employment and self-employment – the government must introduce a statutory definition of self-employment.”