IPSE AGM 2021: play your part in your membership organisation

IPSE’s 2021 AGM will be held on 5th May at 5pm – and we are urging all members to get involved.

2020 was a dramatic year for IPSE and the self-employed. The freelance sector started the year expecting to be rocked by the impact of the IR35 changes, but found itself – and the world – hit by the coronavirus pandemic. For the freelance sector – and for many IPSE members – it was not only a health crisis, but also an income crisis as the self-employed sector was swept by a wave of unprecedented financial damage.

IPSE AGM 2021 voting closes Monday 3 May

In these drastic times more than ever, IPSE has been working to not only support members, but also bring them together to get through this. As we drove home at our virtual National Freelancers Day last year, if there is hope for the self-employed sector, it is in us coming together. Now, IPSE is again calling on members to come together and play your part in your membership organisation through our AGM. In challenging times like these, it is more important than ever that members are involved in the core business of running the organisation: after all, it’s your IPSE.

What is the AGM?

IPSE’s AGM is our Annual General Meeting, which this year will be held virtually at 5pm on Wednesday 5th May. The core business of the AGM is to vote on three resolutions: to accept and approve the Directors’ report for the financial year ending 30th April 2020, to accept and approve the accounts for the financial year ending 30th April 2020 and to appoint Menzies LLP as Auditors for IPSE for the new financial year. It’s also an opportunity for members to ask questions about IPSE as an organisation.

How you can get involved

If have been an IPSE member since before 20th April 2021, you can attend the AGM virtually. The other key way you can get involved is by voting via proxy for the resolutions: this just takes 5 minutes, but makes a big difference for your membership organisation.

Proxy voting is now open until 5pm on Monday 3rd May.

If you are eligible to vote, you will have received an email with details on 20th April – from CES, who are administering the virtual AGM for us. This email also includes details of how to attend on the day.

If you cannot find your email, you can also get it resent by clicking ‘Where is my security code’ here:



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