IPSE Freelancer Awards 2023: Equality and Diversity Award Winner

Winner: Ettie Bailey-King

Equality and Diversity

Ettie received Equality and Diversity Award at the 2023 Freelancer Awards for her business, ‘Fighting Talk’ – a communications consultancy specialising in improving the use of accessible and inclusive language in clients’ products, content and experiences.

The Equality and Diversity Award celebrates an individual who’s acted as a role model, inspiring others to follow or overcome barriers to excel in their career and have a proven passion for ensuring that people at work feel valued and respected.

Working with clients that include well-known brands and not-for-profits, Ettie has helped clients to translate EDI intentions into practical outcomes by equipping them with the tools to make communications outputs more accessible and inclusive.

Ettie has also worked with a major household name charity to overhaul their EDI strategy and explicitly include anti-oppressive communications in their processes.

Despite facing trolling and threats to personal safety in the pursuit of her objectives, Ettie has not been deterred from the work she cares deeply about.   

The judges said that Ettie “showed excellence around numerous Equality and Diversity causes, making a career of being an advocate, ally and inclusivity champion. They have inspired others and driven change by showing how to tangibly increase value and respect for underrepresented groups of people in the workplace and beyond."

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Social media

Twitter: @ettiebk

Insta: itsfightingtalk

LinkedIn: Ettie Bailey King

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