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MyMoney webinar: Investing for an uncertain future

  • Webinar

Iona Bain will discuss how freelancers can start investing in an uncertain world. She’ll cover the reasons why all self-employed people need to understand investing, what they need to do to be investment-ready and the factors that should guide their investing decisions.

She’ll also look at the pros and cons of various online investing options, as well as specific products and investment strategies.

Plus there will be plenty of time for questions. As always, email your questions in advance to [email protected] with the subject ‘Questions for the MyMoney webinar: Investing for an uncertain future’. This webinar will now take place on Wednesday 11 November at 12.30pm.

Iona is not a financial adviser and cannot give investment recommendations, but this webinar will help new or inexperienced freelance investors to start their investing journey and make better investing decisions.

Speaker - Iona Bain

Iona Bain is a renowned financial journalist, broadcaster, speaker and author who was named IPSE’s Freelancer of the Year in 2018. She has appeared on Question Time, Newsnight and many other high-profile programmes while also being a regular contributor to the Financial Times.

She is the founder of the award-winning Young Money Blog and was shortlisted for the prestigious Georgina Henry Award at the UK Press Awards this year. Her first book, Spare Change, was published in 2016 and her second, Own It, focuses on how young people can own their futures through long-term saving and investing.

This webinar is part of the MyMoney event - a month of financial guidance just for the self-employed. Visit the MyMoney website for further details and to sign up to other webinars throughout November. This webinar is free to attend.

All webinars at the MyMoney event aim to provide guidance and not financial advice. We recommend you always complete your own research to ensure it is right for your specific circumstances.