1-2-1 Success Sessions

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IPSE is expanding its resources to better support those who are moving into self-employment or have recently made the leap.

In addition to several other initiatives, we will be trialling a new programme where experienced self-employed individuals can offer a 15-20 minute, one to one session with someone who is new to self-employment. This session would allow individuals to learn from real experiences, and ask any burning questions they may have about running a self-employed business.

We are fortunate to have an established community of self-employed members who have a wealth of knowledge and business experience that they may be willing to impart on this new group. If you would like to be one of our experts, we'll outline your areas of expertise and what you would feel comfortable talking about ahead of time, and for any questions you feel you can't answer in the session, you can refer them to our member engagement representatives for next steps.

If you would be interested in sharing some of your knowledge on self-employment with someone who is just starting out in a short 15-20 minute session, please fill in the form below!