Director Elections and Appointments

IPSE Director Elections 2023-24

Thank you for your interest in the 2023-24 IPSE Director election. This year, we are looking to fill two positions on the Board.

Candidates for the election must be IPSE members of 12 months’ standing prior to the opening of the Nominations stage of this election (i.e. who joined prior to and including 5 November 2022).

As with the previous election in 2022, voting on the final shortlist of candidates will be open to all members of IPSE.

What is the election process?

The election is split into three stages - nomination, evaluation and ballot.

Why join the Board?

Why join the Board?

Nomination Stage

From 6 to 24 November 2023, eligible members can submit their applications. Details on how to apply will be available on the IPSE election website.

Evaluation stage

This stage runs from 7 November to 8 December 2023 and will see the assessment of all applications by the Board. 

Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by the Board. Candidates selected to progress to the Ballot stage will be asked to submit further information including a short 'talking head' video and text for the ballot platform.

Ballot stage

From 5 to 19 January, voting is open to all IPSE members on those candidates judged by the Board to meet the requirements most closely

Who manages the election process?

The election process is being managed by Civica, who will be sending emails to instruct members through each stage of the process and host the nomination and voting platforms.

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