Construction sector

What is it?

With a workforce of over two million, construction is one of the largest industries in the UK. And in the coming years it is only likely to become more prominent because of the housing crisis and a range of key projects to improve national infrastructure – particularly the UK’s roads and railways.

From freelancers providing short-term on-site services, to small businesses supplying services and materials, the self-employed are essential to the construction industry. In fact, there are more self-employed people in construction than any other industry – approximately one million in 2017.

What we are doing:

IPSE entered the construction sector in 2015 and since then, as well as carrying out wide-ranging research across the industry, we’ve also been engaging with some of its most important issues – such as apprenticeship levies, planning laws and travel and subsistence allowances.

Based on extensive research across the industry, we are now calling on the Construction Industry Training Board to radically reform its levy and grant scheme to ensure it gives the self-employed the opportunities they need.

We have also agreed a deal with Hudson Contract to give a greater voice to the construction industry’s self-employed. A key part of this was the creation of the ‘Construction Policy Advisory Committee’, where we will discuss key issues with leading figures from across the industry – including Hudson Founder David Jackson, the committee Chair.