Financial Wellbeing Manifesto

CMME and IPSE are working to address the financial wellbeing challenges facing the self-employed

As champions of the self-employed sector, we strongly believe that knowledge is power when it comes to best supporting our clients and members make the best financial decisions for their needs.

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The challenges facing freelancers

Getting a mortgage

Getting a mortgage

38% of freelancers found the process of getting a mortgage difficult.

Getting financial protection

Getting financial protection

55% of self-employed people have no life insurance, private medical insurance, critical illness cover, or income protection insurance.

Long term planning

Longer term planning

14% of freelancers are not currently saving for later life in any way.

Why we’ve written this

  • Every day we see the inequalities and challenges facing self-employed professionals (SEPs) in the key areas of financial services
  • We believe there is a lack of awareness of these difficulties and we want to shine a light on the unique challenges facing this important segment of the UK workforce
  • We want to empower the self-employed by expanding their knowledge of the situation and the solutions available to them today
  • We want to facilitate the mobilisation of industry and government to drive greater awareness, clearer communication and above all, fair access to financial solutions
  • We are fighting the corner of the self-employed to achieve parity with their counterparts in employment when accessing financial services
  • We want to lead the charge in creating long term financial wellbeing and peace of mind for the self-employed

The Manifesto

Together, CMME and IPSE have explored the unique obstacles facing the self-employed as customers in the financial services sector and set out the measures we believe government and industry could adopt to help alleviate these challenges.

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'Financial wellbeing - Collaborating for better outcomes for self-employed professionals'

Download the manifesto
4.1 million

Self-employed people in the UK.

1.5 million

Self-employed people excluded from government Covid support schemes.

5% less

Self-employed people in the UK since the pandemic began.

Our joint commitment

CMME and IPSE recognise that despite the significant contribution the self-employed make to the economy and society, they are poorly served with financial solutions that best suit their situations.

We are utilising our complimentary skill sets to support the self-employed; from IPSE’s strong background in research and campaigning, to CMME’s expertise in delivering specialist financial services advice, solutions and in fostering strong relationships with financial services providers.


Our work with CMME

Tips for getting a mortgage as a freelancer

We asked CMME for their help in demystifying the mortgage market and helping Freelancers get in tip top shape to secure a mortgage. Here is what Simon Butler, Head of Mortgages & Protection at CMME had to say…

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'Financial wellbeing - Collaborating for better outcomes for self-employed professionals'

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