This election, IPSE’s policy and press teams are working hard to push the interests of the self-employed to all the main UK parties.

As well as driving our #5millionvotes campaign on social media and on key political blogs, we are also talking to MPs and candidates across the country.

Real change, however, has to involve the grassroots too. And that’s where you come in.

We’re asking our members and self-employed people all around the UK to use the hashtag #5millionvotes and tweet our policy asks to your local MP or candidate.

If you’re not sure of your MP, you can use our MP finder below.

You can also use our social media post templates below.

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Social Media

[MP or candidate] the #selfemployed are #5millionvotes this election. To get them, we need you to commit to building a modern tax system that works for freelancers.

[MP or candidate] if you want the #5millionvotes of the #selfemployed we need your party to commit to equal parental benefits for freelancers #selfieleave

[MP or candidate] there are #5millionvotes up for grabs from the #selfemployed. To get them, your party must clamp down on #latepayment and give freelancers the support they need.

[MP or candidate] The #selfemployed are #5millionvotes in this election. Get our support by committing to the reforms we need.