Better Regulation for Freelancers

As the smallest of small businesses, it is vitally important for freelancers that regulation that affects them is clear, accessible, and not unduly burdensome. Freelancers often find themselves being affected by regulation which is intended to affect larger businesses or, at the other end of the scale, vulnerable workers. We believe that business regulation should be targeted, clear, simple to adhere to, and business-friendly.

Why better regulation is needed

The costs of complying with regulation can be a major drain on the finances of a business. Although, many regulations serve valuable purposes, those that ensure health and safety standards and protect vulnerable workers from abuse for example the costs and administrative burden of compliance can be unnecessarily high. In addition confusing guidance or badly drafted regulation can also have a negative impact on a freelancer’s business.

One example of this happening can be seen with the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR). Intended to protect ‘temps’, and not freelancers in business on their own account, nonetheless some over-cautious businesses have misinterpreted the regulations due to unclear guidance.

How IPSE is helping to achieve better regulation

IPSE gets involved at the earliest opportunity when new regulations are proposed. Not only do we respond promptly and fully to Government consultations, with feedback from our members and research, we also engage extensively with politicians and civil servants. We work with other organisations such as the CBI and the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) to proactively campaign on issues that matter to businesses. On freelance-specific issues IPSE’s research and engagement with senior civil servants ensures that we have a voice where it matters. For more information, please see the links on the right of this page.