With longevity increasing and retirement potentially lasting for many years, it’s important that if you’re self-employed you start preparing now in order to get the retirement you want.

With your financial wellbeing in mind, we’ve partnered with Aegon to provide members with an IPSE pension scheme.

With a negotiated charge of only 0.43% (inclusive of administration and investment charges) our pension gives you the opportunity to save securely at far lower rates than you would pay with similar schemes.

You can manage your pension through Aegon’s Retiready platform and, should you choose to, save in other products such as an ISA.

The following documents will provide all you need to know about the IPSE pension scheme, including an overview of pensions, making contributions, and a useful Q&A section.

Guide to topping up pension


Making pension contributions


Pension Overview


Pension Q&A


Pensions Member Journey


To start investing in a pension through IPSE, go to your personal homepage.

* Please be aware that pension contributions are uploaded to Aegon as employer contributions (from your company), unless you inform IPSE that you are making them as employee contributions (individual), before the payment is taken.