IPSE Freelancer Awards 2023: Young Freelancer Award Winner

Sioned Young

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Sioned won 2023’s Young Freelancer Award for her freelance digital illustration business ‘Mwydro’.

Having previously focused on creating hand-made greeting cards for sale at craft fairs, the pandemic and lockdown prompted Sioned to adapt her business by switching to digital illustration.

Working on Mwydro part-time alongside an employed role, Sioned now designs bespoke animated GIFs for business to use on social media.

Sioned has received funding from the Welsh Government to develop Welsh language place name GIFs, winning out against large corporations in the process. The project has since grown to involve engaging other freelancers and hosting workshops in schools to engage pupils with the Welsh language.

Through Mwydro, Sioned aims to help businesses stand out from the competition by bringing joy to their social media marketing, whilst addressing the important issue of Welsh language preservation in a fun and creative way.

The judges said that Sioned “showed great business acumen by pivoting their focus when needed and growing a niche which encourages future generations to be proud of their heritage.”

Check out Mwydro's website

Etsy: SiopMwydro

Twitter: @mwydro_

Insta: mwydro

Facebook: Mwydro

LinkedIn: Sioned Young

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