Christmas gift ideas for the self-employed and freelancers

Whether you are looking for gift ideas, or not sure what to ask for, we have tried and tested the best presents for the freelancer or self-employed worker in your life.

All reviews are genuine, and no money or sponsorship is in place for any of these reviews.

For the freelancer starting out

1. Myth Dapper Wrapper, STM, £24.95

Dapper Wrapper.png

The Dapper Wrapper is a fantastic gift idea for the self-employed worker who is always on the go. The stylish organiser fits perfectly in any bag, with space for pens, wires, chargers, USB sticks and anything you need to work remotely or on the go.

Pair with the STM Myth backpack, which I personally use and love, for £98.97. This backpack is one of the safest ways to carry a laptop around, with a waterproof and knock-proof design.

2. Out of Office: How to Ditch the 9-5 and Be Your Own Boss, Fiona Thomas, £8.57

Freelance guru Fiona Thomas has released an excellent book about freelancing, with everything you need to know to ditch the 9-5 and be your own boss.

This really is the perfect book for someone who wants to become a freelancer. The book is split into four sections: Getting the show on the road, running the show, making the show sustainable, and the show must go on. This book covers everything from setting up, tax, and getting paid, to how to maintain your mental health and take time off. It’s a rounded look at self-employment from someone who has been there and done it.

3. How to Start a Business on Your Kitchen Table, Shann Nix Jones, £10.45

Shann Nix Jones started her Kefir milk business in 2014, with no budget and no previous business experience. Despite that, her business now has an annual turnover over £4.5 million with 300,000 customers. This is a great gift for the entrepreneur who has the idea, but needs some helping forming it into a business plan. This book explains how to turn a business idea into a sustainable business plan, how to operate with meaningful values, and how to balance work and personal life in business.

4. This Freelance Life planner, organiser and diary, Shari Black, £13.99

This freelance life.png

This planner, which is the size of a school textbook, is a fantastic gift for the freelancer who needs to get a bit more organised. The diary/planner/life organiser is split into daily, weekly, and monthly pages, with goal setting and tracking at every step. The best part about this planner for me is the invoice tracking at the back of the planner. Never forget to chase a late payment again!

5. IPSE membership, from £99


IPSE annual membership is the perfect gift for someone new to freelancing who might just need a helping hand. Starting from £99, not only will you show them that you support their career, but you’ll also give them access to tax and legal helplines, discounted business insurance, IPSE partner offers and so much more. They’ll also receive guides, contract templates and webinars to help them get started in self-employment.


Gifts for the seasoned self-employed worker

1. Survival Skills for Freelancers, Sarah Townsend £14.95


Survival Skills for Freelancers is a refreshingly honest look at freelance life. Sarah Townsend has been a freelance copywriter for over 20 years and shares anecdotes, advice, and myth-busting facts about self-employment. The advice is genuinely really useful, and it’s a great buy for someone who might need a bit of reassurance that self-employment can be enjoyable.

2. RISE coffee subscription


Coffee and biscuits are the fuel for most freelancers, and RISE makes it easier than ever to try new coffee that goes beyond what’s on the supermarket shelves. RISE coffee box delivers a carefully curated selection of the UK’s most interesting and varied independent coffee direct to your door every month. They describe the coffee blends as “exciting, innovative and fiercely independent”, with a new coffee in each parcel.

The perfect gift for the finest coffee lover.

3. Plus membership, £260*

IPSE Plus annual membership offers the full suite of IPSE cover, including tax investigation cover (up to £100k indemnity), up to £10,000 cover for if a client goes into administration, and illness and injury cover. This membership, that costs £260, is perfect for the hard-working self-employed worker in your life. Plus, peace of mind is a much better gift than another pair of socks.

* The usual price of IPSE Plus membership is £325. Until 23 December, non-members pay £260 for a Plus gift card, whereas members who purchase IPSE Plus membership for someone else will pay £275 plus get a £50 Amazon voucher.

The self-employed worker who wants to help other small businesses

1. BLOMMA organic and vegan skincare

BLOMMA, which means ‘to bloom’ in Swedish, is an online skincare shop that offers organic and vegan products, as well as online webinars, virtual consultations and free testers (recipients just pay for postage).

Stocking fillers start from just £5, but I recommend the Casa Mencarelli Sicilia Green Clay and Lemon Mask and Scrub, which arrives as a powder but you add water to make it a paste. This product is versatile for different skin types and a great purchase for a skincare lover.

2. FujiFuji sauce cooking sauce, BABA-Q GRILL, £4.99


Fuji Fuji was launched by Baba, an IT consultant and passionate chef who decided to turn his hobby of cooking into a business – BABA-Q GRILL. Years of testing has led to the production of his FujiFuji cooking sauce, an all-purpose marinade for meat or vegetables, which comes in original or spicier varieties.

For lovers of spice, the extra hot chilli jam is a must at £4.99 a jar.

3. Sipp’d hand-crafted soda and apple juice, £2.50 per bottle

Sipp’d soda and juice was started by Oli and Ash, two former accountants working in London. This year, they decided to swap bookkeeping for soda making and apple picking, and haven’t looked back since. The sodas and apple juices on offer are irresistible, and includes a divine winter blend. Tell the guys if you prefer a sweet, sharp, or medium juice and they will choose you a fantastic selection.

If you are a juice fan, this well priced and delicious apple juice is a must.

4. IPSE Standard membership, £180*

IPSE Standard membership is anything but a standard Christmas present for the person who has chosen to work independently and wants to help others. As the trade body for the self-employed, IPSE has an award-winning policy team that lobbies the government on behalf of the self-employed.

Standard membership includes tax investigation cover, up to £750 in contract failure cover, access to the IPSE group pension and more. It’s the middle option between Essentials and Plus membership, costing £180 for an annual membership. This option grants access to IPSE services like up to £2,500 if a client goes into administration, up to £1,500 per claim if you get called up to jury service, and all the benefits of Essentials membership.

* The usual price of IPSE Standard membership is £225. Until 23 December, non-members pay £260 to buy an IPSE Standard membership gift card. Members pay £225 and receive a £25 Amazon gift card. 

5. Albion cyclewear

Albion makes cycling gear for British weather: warm, waterproof, and hardwearing. The environmentally responsible company is also a strong believer in fair pay, and only works in factories that treat their staff properly and pay them fairly.

If you share your location, the homepage tells you the weather conditions in your area and the gear that you might need on a day like today.

The company was launched four years ago by a passionate cyclist, who wanted to keep morals at the heart of his business.

See the full range of products here.

6. Sassy Shop Wax Melts, prices start from £2


Wax melts are a brilliant alternative to candles, and often produce stronger smells with less waste. I haven't found any better than Sassy Shop Wax's fantastic range. They come in some unsual and incredible scents, from 'antique bookstore' to 'blueberry vanilla', which made my house smell like a blueberry muffin factory.

The starter pack is a perfect gift for anyone who works from home and needs a pick-me-up, which let's face it, is most of us.

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