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The CV & LinkedIn Blueprint to Win More Contracts, at Higher Rates, More Often

  • Webinar

Join IPSE and The CV and Interview Advisors for an online workshop to discover your blueprint to help you win more work, more frequently at higher rates.

We will be covering the following:

  • The sure-fire way to networking and business development for Independent Professionals (The D-A-B-S-U-N formula)
  • Methods to optimise your CV for recruitment software, so your CV doesn’t get rejected before it is even read by a human
  • Ways to avoid the single biggest CV mistake that 50% of Independent Professionals make
  • Your path to use value proposition statements and case studies to maximise your value to potential clients
  • The reasons your LinkedIn profile is failing and how to make changes to drive recruiter / client enquiries
  • The strategies you can use in an interview / client meeting to get the ‘right’ offer every time

The event is live and will be followed by a Q&A session for you to ask questions.