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The 4 Styles of CVs for Contractors, Interims and Freelancers – Which one is for you?

  • Webinar

Join The CV & Interview Advisors; international speakers and thought-leaders on all things related to personal branding and winning-work in the contract market for a one-hour session on advanced CV writing.

This ‘must see’ webinar will be providing leading-edge advice on the different styles of CVs for Contractors and the specifics of how to put them together. The webinar will delve into the science and psychology behind a CV with very specific guidance on how to write each section.

Attending this 60 min session will allow you to create a portfolio of CVs that will drive more opportunities at higher remuneration levels in less time.

You will learn about the Chronological CV, the Case Study CV, the Executive Biography and the Portfolio Career CV – we will cover who needs what and how to put them together in line with the requirements of the 2020 market.

You will also learn about the marketing techniques that are giving some senior candidates a 500% increase in success rates. If you are not familiar with elevator pitches, value proposition statements, case studies, recommendations, business casing and ATS optimisation then this webinar is going to give you a huge leg up when applying for Contract, Interim or Consultancy roles.

This is a live webinar with a Q&A session at the end for you to ask any questions.

Speaker biography 

Alistair Morris

Alistair is a former business owner and senior person within the recruitment sector who has spent the last 10 years helping contractors and job seekers move forwards in their career. Alistair's role within The CV & Interview Advisors is as a Presenter and lead CV and LinkedIn profile appraiser - he has reviewed over 20,000 CVs for individuals across all sectors. His experience includes: several years in the corporate world, primarily in a variety of sales and operations roles; several years working within the executive search industry, both permanent and contract sectors; and several years working for The CV & Interview Advisors as a Coach and Presenter. Alistair is passionate about providing individuals with valuable insight into how their critical Personal Branding tools - primarily their CV and LinkedIn profile - are really used by recruiters and clients.


“It was a great webinar last night and the time flew. Thanks again for one of the most informative sessions I have had in a long time. Too many people use webinars to do a pitch and rarely deliver value, lay alone the immense value of your session. Thanks again.”

“I joined the CV webinar last month and updated my CV in line with the information you supplied and had an interview this afternoon. The comments from the recruiting manager were very positive as they had not seen such a clear and concise CV before. So many thanks for the info to update and upgrade my CV.”