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Tax rises in the Budget?

  • Webinar

In this week's webinar, Andy Chamberlain, Director of Policy, and Ryan Barnett, Economic Policy Adviser, will look ahead to the Budget this Autumn.

Press speculation suggests contractors and sole traders could be stung by tax rises as the Chancellor looks to shore up the public purse in the wake of expensive Covid support packages. Meanwhile the Treasury Committee has launched an inquiry into Tax after Covid, with a focus on self-employed taxes in particular.

Join the webinar to hear our thoughts on what all this suggests about the direction of tax policy in the UK and why now is exactly the wrong time to hit the self-employed with tax hikes.

The webinar will address the following questions:

• Is a big rise in Corporation Tax really on the table?

• Is the rate of Class 4 National Insurance going up?

• Where does IR35 fit in and what should be done about Employers’ National Insurance?

• How has IPSE responded to the Treasury Committee inquiry on tax?

• IPSE’s lobbying on taxation

There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions during the webinar but you can also send them in advance to [email protected]


IPSE Director of Policy Andy Chamberlain
IPSE Economic Policy Adviser Ryan Barnett


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