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Science of Sales: Apply Psychology to Win More Business

Date and time: Tuesday 27 October, 10.00am-3.00pm.

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Event information

Your business lives and dies by your ability to sell. Shouldn’t you, therefore, have this down to a science?

Understanding how buyers buy is key to your sales success. Unfortunately, your customers are not as rational as they, or you, would like to think.  

Science is clear. Much of human decision-making takes place at a non-conscious level. This means that your buyers often have no real idea why they make the choices they do. The opportunity for you then is to learn how people are influenced so that you can apply science to your advantage.

In this course, you’ll learn about the science of sales. You will explore how the latest thinking in behavioural economics and neuroscience offers simple improvements you can make throughout your sales workflow.

You will learn eight key persuasion concepts: reciprocity, liking, social proof, authority, consistency, scarcity, compare/contrast, and because. You will see how, by combining these concepts together, you can improve your prospecting, lead qualification and closing rates. You’ll also better be better equipped to handle objections, negotiate fairly and ask for referrals.

If you are tired of long sales cycles, poor conversion rates and having to justify your price, then this psychology-based training programme will transform how you sell.

Course Program

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Why Customers buy and why they don't
  • Understanding how the brain processes sales information
  • Why first impressions are so important
  • The power of narrative in sales
  • Science-based sales conversations
    • Starting with Who, Lead with Why
    • Asking great questions
  • The importance of Listening
    • How to listen
    • What to listen for
  • Removing barriers to change
  • Closing vs Commitment
  • Signing on the dotted line
  • Action Plans
  • Summary and Close

Key Benefits

  • Learn how to better prospect new customers
  • Improve your skills of rapport building
  • Understand how to make a great first impression
  • Deliver better quality presentations
  • Discover how to handle objections
  • Close more sales
  • Enjoy a higher number of referrals


This one-day interactive workshop is for senior to mid-level managers, marketers, salespeople and any business person who wants to gain a comprehensive sales advantage.

Delivery Method

This half-day training will be delivered as live webinar sessions spread over x4 one-hour sessions per day. These sessions will be delivered via the Zoom meeting software platform with extra resources made available on a separate learning management platform.

Online course tutor

Your online training sessions will be run by an experienced Google Academy Tutor: Andrew Lloyd Gordon.

Andrew Lloyd Gordon is a Marketing Psychologist, Consultant, Speaker and Google Academy Trainer. Andrew has learned more from his mistakes in marketing than his successes (he's had his fair share of both) and now speaks regularly at conferences and events across the UK and Europe.

Andrew is also a guest lecturer at several universities and business schools including Cambridge, Warwick, Aston and Lancaster and hates writing in the third person...