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Re-defining what it takes to be effective at selling

  • Webinar

What immediately springs to mind when we say the word ‘selling?’ How do you feel? How good do you think you are at it? Who is good at it and why?

Sales is one of the oldest professions there is and it’s endured for a reason. Sales should be seen as adding value and not a ‘dirty’ word.

But to change how others see it you must first walk the walk and take pride in what you do and how you do it.

This webinar by the Founder and MD of the London School of Sales, Vinit Shah, will take you through essential sales skills to help freelancers develop a personal toolkit, growth mindset and the confidence to excel in selling and influencing.

More specifically you’ll learn how to:

  • Create a sales system that is built around you as a freelancer
  • Communicate effectively with individuals that are different to you
  • Qualify opportunities with greater predictability
  • Handle objections and turn them into opportunities


As always you can also submit questions in advance. Please send them to [email protected].


This session is free of charge to both members and non-members.  Registration is essential - please book now to register your attendance.

Vinit Shah


Vinit believes in continuous development. Only by discovering the habits and behaviours that are holding us back will we be able to change from within, appreciate our values and lead with integrity and character. He is the author of Slice which encourages aspiring sales professionals to harness the power of personal development; and the founder of London School of Sales, which provides e-learning and performance coaching to sales teams and managers.

Vinit has 25 years of commercial experience. His expertise is in problem solving and building high-performance teams by inspiring, motivating and coaching individuals. He has a proven track record of creating sustainable value and delivering ROI by translating strategic objectives into innovative, commercially viable solutions.