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Getting paid what you are worth: Value-centred fee negotiation

  • Webinar

In these uncertain times, it is more vital than ever to communicate the value of your work.  

Negotiating a value-centred fee is deeply satisfying at many levels. It adds straight to your profit-line: there is no additional cost of sale. Your focus on value builds trusted client relationships.  You feel good about the work you are doing, because it’s an expression of your deeper self-worth. 

In this webinar, John Niland from the Self Worth Academy will outline an approach to value-centred fee negotiation.

The webinar will cover:

•    How to uncover the value of your work
•    How to talk about budget and resources
•    Structuring compelling proposals & quotations
•    Dealing with objections
•    Why self-worth is essential

There will be plenty of time for questions and you can even submit your question in advance to [email protected] with the subject ‘questions for the value-centred negotiation webinar’.


John Niland is a author and coach at Self-Worth Academy. He has been coaching professionals on value-centred selling and pricing since 2000. A co-founder of the European Forum of Independent Professionals, John is a regular speaker at international summits and author of several books. John is a founder of the Self-Worth Academy dedicated to empowering professionals to value themselves and their work.