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IPSE provides its members with a range of essential insurances

Find peace of mind as you run your business, knowing you are covered by IPSE. As a member, you also get access to a flexible pension through IPSE's partner and life assurance, so you know your future, and your family's future, is protected.
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IPSE tax investigation cover

HMRC may perform various forms of investigation into the tax affairs of companies and individuals. These include PAYE and VAT reviews and requests for information, such as the ‘Check of Employer Records’ letter, which is the precursor to an IR35 investigation.

They can do this at any time, and even if you’ve been honest and accurate declaring tax, it’s possible that they will launch an enquiry. Without the right protection in place, this enquiry and any potential appeals could come at a major cost to you and your business. Not to mention your valuable time that will be lost, which would be better spent running your business.

What you need is a team of experts who can take this off your plate, and financial cover for any time you may end up losing.

IPSE tax pre-dispute cover

Lots of HMRC tax investigations can be stopped before they start. When HMRC investigate your work, they will send you an initial notification.

IPSE Plus members are covered from this point, and IPSE will draft a response to the initial notification from HMRC, removing the stress and minimising the risk of responding incorrectly. If HMRC want to proceed with the check, IPSE will represent you at no cost.

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IPSE tax investigation cover

For IPSE Standard and Plus members we will provide a specialist to deal with your tax investigation should there be a dispute with HMRC. The specialist will handle all correspondence with HMRC at no cost to you.

IPSE Plus members can also receive up to £500 per day compensation for loss of earnings for tax compliance meetings up to £1,500, as per your contract at the time.

IPSE Standard members can receive up to £250 per day compensation for loss of earnings for tax compliance meetings up to £750, as per your contract at the time.

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Last year IPSE members claimed
over £180,000 through IPSE insurances.

Get protected from only £9.50 a month

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Business interruption insurances


Sadly, businesses can fall on hard times and be forced to shut their doors. In the event that the business that goes bankrupt or into administration happens to be your end client, the agency you work through, or your umbrella company, your outstanding invoice with them will likely not get paid.

It isn’t fair, and not receiving the payment you’re owed can have serious consequences for you and your business.

IPSE end client, umbrella and agency default cover

If you have an outstanding invoice with an end client, agency, or umbrella company that is going bankrupt or into administration, it’s likely you won’t get paid. That’s why we provide IPSE members with up to £10,000 if an end client or agency goes into administration and up to £2,500 if your umbrella company goes bankrupt or into administration.

IPSE contract failure cover

As an IPSE member, if you find yourself in a situation where your end client or the agency you’re working through doesn’t meet the terms of the contract that you have with them, IPSE will compensate you up to £1,000 based on your day rate as per your current contract.


You have finally landed your dream client and the work is going great, until you unexpectedly fall ill and can’t work for nearly a month, interrupting all your income but not halting any of your outgoing expenses. What now?

IPSE Illness and Injury Cover

As an IPSE member, if you are ill or injured for three or more weeks, IPSE will compensate you up to £2,000 based on your day rate as per your current contract.

All you’ll need to do is fill out a straightforward claim form and send it to our membership team in an email with some additional evidence, then we’ll take care of the rest.

If successful, we’ll send your compensation in a single payment, so that you can rest easy knowing your bills are covered and focus on getting back on your feet.

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IPSE jury service cover

Around 33,000 people are called up to jury service a year, and when you’re self-employed that can mean losing income. That’s why IPSE compensates members with up to £5,000 if you are working on a contract and get called up for jury service, based on your day rate as per the contract.

If the contract you are working on at the time is completed via an umbrella company, you can be compensated up to £2,500.


An IPSE membership means
supporting the UK’s self-employed.

IPSE is the only organisation dedicated to representing the
UK’s self-employed.
We are always working hard to meet your needs.

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Discounted business insurance

Business insurance is designed to protect you against the unforeseen, from making a mistake in a piece of work that results in your client losing money, to personal injury claims from third parties and employees. If a claim is made against you (even if it’s unsubstantiated) and you don’t have cover in place, you could be left to pay thousands of pounds in legal fees and compensation payments out of your own pocket.

That's why IPSE have partnered with Markel Direct, a specialist insurer of contractors, freelancers, self-employed professionals and micro-businesses to offer a 10% discount on contractor insurance to IPSE members, including professional indemnity, public liability, employers’ liability and more.

Getting cover with Markel



Fast, easy online quote
Markel’s hassle-free website offers instant cover online in a matter of minutes

Instant documents
Policy documents are emailed instantly when you arrange cover, so you can prove to your client you are insured straight away

No hidden fees or cancellation charges
There are no hidden administration charges to make a change to your policy or cancel mid-term


IPSE life assurance

In the event of your death, it’s important to have life assurance in place to help your family and dependents financially.

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IPSE plus members receive £5,000 life assurance as standard, and once activated you can choose to increase this up to £250,000 at a discounted rate. This serves as not only your life assurance but also as your death-in-service benefit.

By being included in a group rate, IPSE members can benefit from life assurance at a heavily discounted rate compared to the retail market through Legal & General.

For more information see our life assurance overview



Our legal helplines receive
over 1,000 calls a year.

Get the expert support and advice you need to run your business.

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