Stop freelancers losing large amounts of time and money each year to the UK's poor payment culture.

Policy recommendations 

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Reform the Small Business Commissioner with more resources and powers, including fines and the ability to compel companies to attend mediation

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Write the Prompt Payment Code into law and reduce standard payment terms to 30 days

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Make public sector payment practice the ‘gold standard’ for private businesses to follow

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Build a UK Prompt Payment Index to track performance over time

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The new Small Business Commissioner should lead a campaign to raise awareness of businesses’ late payment rights

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Read our full report 'Pay up: how to end late payment for the self-employed'

We want to end the culture of late payment: We need to stop freelancers losing large amounts of time and money each year to the UK’s poor payment culture by giving the Small Business Commissioner powers to fine and ‘name and shame’ late payers.

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If you’re affected by late payment or want to know how to prevent it in future, follow IPSE’s practical checklist:


Set your payment terms and conditions early and ensure these are in a written contract check symbol.png
Know your rights when it comes to charging interest and debt recovery and be willing to use them: check symbol.png
Contact the office of the Small Business Commissioner to get help and advice: check symbol.png
Check the payment practices of businesses before you contract with them: check symbol.png
Consider investing in payment software - an automated system to send invoices and notify you once payment has been made check symbol.png


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Read the full report on late payment

Pay up: how to end late payment for the self-employed