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Inflation drop a boost for employees and self-employed alike, says IPSE

IPSE responds to ONS figures revealing that inflation dropped to 2.5 per cent in March - their lowest level since March 2017.

IPSE: stable self-employment is key part of the UK’s strong labour market

IPSE responds to new ONS data revealing that while overall employment has increased, self-employment has stayed level

Everything to take note of in the new tax year

We’re now one week into the new tax year, and whilst there have been no major changes there is still plenty for the self-employed to take note of.

IPSE announces University Partnership with Goldsmiths, University of London

IPSE extends university engagement and increases self-employment awareness and support for students with Goldsmiths, University of London partnership.

Training: a different tack from the government and what it means for you

Education and Training Officer Olaitan Ajimobi on the Government's new improved approach to training for the self-employed.

Evening the Odds: it’s time to make public procurement fairer for the self-employed

IPSE's Imogen Farhan on improving public sector procurement for small businesses and the self-employed.

The Small Business Taskforce: making self-employment work for all

IPSE's Jordan Marshall on how the Small Business Taskforce's Ten Point Plan aims to keep self-employment a positive way of working.

Small Business Taskforce sets out ten-point demand to government

IPSE and a collective of small business representative bodies and think tanks is to set out ten demands to government in a series of ministerial visits.