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David and Goliath style battle as IPSE member wins pay out after victory over HMRC

An IPSE member has successfully claimed for unpaid holiday pay after HMRC incorrectly determined that IR35 applied to her engagement.

Brexit migration report raises more questions than it answers for the self-employed

This week's Migration Advisory Committee report on immigration after Brexit leaves too many questions unanswered about the future of the UK's freelance workforce.

Freelancers feeling the squeeze from inflation

Freelancers will feel the latest inflation rise particularly badly compared to employees, IPSE has warned.

IPSE Board elections 2018: why you should think about standing

Being a director at IPSE is also about being able to make a difference. Nominations are now open for four Board vacancies.

Government must halt Universal Credit rollout, IPSE warns

The Government must urgently reconsider UC rollout and heed the growing warnings about the damage the policy has caused.

Pensions PR problem creating self-employed savings crisis, IPSE report finds

Pensions have a PR problem that is helping to create a self-employed savings crisis, an IPSE report has found.

IPSE Board elections 2018

The IPSE Board elections 2018 are open and we are electing four new Directors. Find out what it means and whether you have what it takes.

Making learning agile

To celebrate IPSE’s partnership with QA, here are a few ways freelancers can adopt an agile mantra and aide their professional development.