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Chancellor listens to IPSE and the UK’s smallest businesses

Chancellor Philip Hammond listens to IPSE's warnings about lowering the VAT threshold and extending IR35 into the private sector.

Stay of execution on IR35 is welcome news

IPSE's Deputy Director of Policy Andy Chamberlain discusses the IR35 implications following the delivery of the Chancellor's Autumn Budget.

The Autumn Budget: exploring the economics

IPSE's Tom Purvis outlines the economic results from Chancellor Hammond's Autumn Budget.

The Autumn Budget: what it means for the self-employed

IPSE's Jordan Marshall explains the implications of the Budget for freelancers and the self-employed.

Worrying times for the self-employed

IPSE member Philip Ross on the increasingly difficult environment for freelancers and the self-employment.

IPSE welcomes Select Committee calls for clear employment definitions

IPSE has responded to a new report on modern employment from the Work and Pensions and BEIS Select Committees.

IR35 changes: Key Conservative MPs to contact

IPSE urges members to write to key Conservative MPs about potential changes to IR35 in the private sector

A lot rests on HMRC’s online tool to determine IR35 status – and it's getting it wrong

IPSE's Andy Chamberlain discusses the flaws in HMRC's online tool to determine IR35 status.