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A question of time: how often should freelancers pay their taxes?

This report examines the views of the self-employed in relation to the current payment timings, the proposal of more frequent payment of tax and the proposal of moving from retrospective to in-year tax. It will also assess the benefits and challenges of the current system and how freelancers envisage the proposed reforms will affect their self-employed businesses.

The impact of IR35 changes on the self-employed in 2021

IPSE's research from February 2021 looks at how clients and contractors are reacting to the proposed IR35 changes due to come into force in April 2021.

Letter to MP - IR35 Feb 2021.docx

A template letter to MPs calling on them to delay and rethink the changes to IR35.

IR35 HMRC webinar 4 February 2021.pdf

The full presentation from IPSE's informational webinar on IR35 with HMRC.

IPSE 2021 March Budget Submission.pdf

IPSE's submission to the Chancellor ahead of the 2021 Budget.

Off-payroll working stakeholder update on s61O – October 2020.pdf

HMRC update on the interpretation of IR35 legislation 61O and the conditions where the intermediary is a company.

Pensions: Six Simple Tricks If You're Self-Employed

From setting up a pension to lowering your pension fees, here are six easy steps you can take to maximise financial wellbeing in your later years.

IPSE's submission to the House of Lords

IPSE has given written and oral evidence to the House of Lords’ Finance Bill Sub-Committee inquiry into the Government's proposal to extend IR35 to the private sector from April 2020.