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The hidden cost: exploring the impact of the pandemic on freelancer mental health

This report examines the impact the pandemic continues to have on freelancers' mental health, how poor mental health is affecting them and how they tackle this.

IPSE Report: Women in Self-Employment

This report explores the perceptions, attitudes and concerns of self-employed women, as well as their experiences in self-employment.

IPSE Report: Taking Time off as a Freelancer

This report explores how much time the UK’s freelancers are taking off work, how this impacts their wellbeing and productivity and what measures they can adopt to effectively prepare for a holiday.

IPSE Report: Making Self-Employment Work for Disabled People

With the number of disabled people in self-employment rising by 30 per cent in the last five years alone, IPSE and Community teamed up to answer some of the burning questions about this under-researched sector such as: who are the disabled self-employed, what are their motivations for entering self-employment and what are the key challenges they face?

The Path to Prosperity

This research by IPSE and Sherpa sheds light on the financial welfare of the self-employed and how people can ensure that self-employment is a sustainable, fulfilling and financially rewarding way of life.

The Way to Wellbeing

This report offers a new way of looking at self-employed wellbeing based on overall life satisfaction. It considers self-employed people’s overall life satisfaction, based on their subjective assessments of various aspects of their lives – including jobs, income, health, family life and leisure.

The risks and rewards of independence

With more and more people following their dreams and going freelance, IPSE conducted a survey among freelancers to explore the risks and rewards associated with the operation of their businesses.

To Be or Not To Be a Freelancer: Job Satisfaction and Wellbeing

Shedding light on the link between independent working and work/life satisfaction, IPSE conducted a survey among freelancers to explore the subjective psychological dimensions of freelancing and how this might be contributing to the growth of the sector.