The good, the bad, the ugly. However the pandemic is making you feel, we want to hear about it. And just so you know, it's ok to not be ok.

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Let us know how you have been left feeling by the pandemic and how you've been feeling since 21st June, 'Freedom Day'.



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We have a dedicated advice page to help you navigate directly to specific sections including brexit, coronavirus, business insurances, and ways of working.

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Coronavirus is a real concern for all self-employed, from a lack of support from government to the real impact this has on everyday life.



Off-payroll working rules, otherwise known as IR35 or the intermediaries legislation, is a damaging taxation law from HMRC that IPSE strongly opposes.


Winning Work

Tips and advice to help you grow your business no matter what industry or sector you work in.


Ways of working

There are many ways to work as a self-employed person, from operating as a sole trader, limited company director or as part of an umbrella organisation.